Chilli Oil



Chilli Oil

Chilli oil is one of the most versatile cooking oils in the world. This distinctive condiment remains as popular today as ever, particularly in Asian, European, and Latin American cuisines. It is a condiment and cooking staple that should be in every kitchen cupboard!

How can I use chilli oil?

One of the most common ways to use chilli oil is in stir-fries or other Asian dishes. You can add it as a finishing touch when making a dish, or drizzle it over your food before serving. 

Chilli oil is also great for adding flavour and heat to meats like steak and chicken, as well as fish and seafood. You can also add a splash of chilli oil to soup, pizza, eggs benedict or anything else that needs an extra kick!

What should I cook with chilli oil?

You can use chilli oil in any dish that would benefit from a spicy kick. It's perfect for Asian-inspired dishes like Vietnamese pho, or Thai curries. You can also use it in Indian cuisine, and Mexican dishes like enchiladas.

What is the best chilli oil to buy?

The most popular chilli oil is LGM Crispy chilli. A mixture of soybeans, dried chillis and crispy onions, it is a moreish blend of crunchy heat. LGM is the most famous brand of chilli oil used throughout China. 

The best chilli oil is one that can be used on a variety of dishes and is made with fresh ingredients. The label should list the type of peppers used, such as cayenne, jalapeno, or ancho.