Everyday Upgrade



Everyday Upgrade

The best cooking begins with the finest ingredients, and that includes your store-cupboard staples. Upgrade your everyday basics with products from the finest artisan makers across the world.

Try cult classics like Perello Olives for snacking,  San Marzano Tomatoes for  the best pasta sauces and Matthew Cotswold flour for the perfect crusty loaf.

Discover how good olive oil can be with our range  sourced from the finest European producers: enjoy herbaceous notes and a peppery kick from Galantino’s oil produced on the Adriatic coast; experience the smooth and fruity aroma of Muraglia's a oil, pressed from the olives of ancient trees, or try the raw, unfiltered flavour of oil straight from Honest Toil's sun-drenched Greek groves.

And remember: never neglect your seasoning. Salt and pepper are crucial in cooking, which is why we've scoured the globe for the very best varieties, from spicy and aromatic world peppers, to smoked and mineral rich salt varieties. 

The basics lay the foundations for the best flavours to flourish, so don't underestimate the power of simple ingredients to take your cooking to a new level.