Honest Toil



Honest Toil

Honest Toil extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered, cold-pressed - it is an outstanding example of fine Greek olive oil. Made from 100% Koroneiki olives that  are picked by hand in the rural Greek countryside, it  is pressed and extracted within hours of harvest for the freshest possible product with the purest flavour.

Honest Toil pride themselves on values of simplicity and sustainability. Their production of pure olive oil is a collaborative project, working with a network of local and small-scale growers in villages in the Peloponnese to grow their harvest. They then bottle and package the oil within 2 miles of the grove. They only grow one variety of olive to ensure they can maintain the highest quality as well as  grassroots relationships and a guaranteed income for small local farms. Honest Toil is  built on trust, and a passion to share the finest Greek olive oil with the world.  

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