Buy salt online. Find salt from both the land and sea - flaky sea salt from Maldon and Halen Mon to Pink Himalayan salt, fleur de sel and the diamond crystals of Kosher salt.

Himalayan pink salt is harvested from the foot of the Himalayans from the rock faces where the crystals have formed for thousands of years. The large crystals are perfect for salt mills and the pink salt has a natural and slightly less intense flavour than sea salt.

Sea salt is filtered from oceans across the world and is a more intense and richer salt flavour. Maldon’s flake salt has a clean, fresh flavour, still produced from the Blackwater estuary as it has since Roman times. Halen Mon charcoal-filter their salt from the welsh sea of Angelsey.

Plus discover fine-textured fleur de sel, cult favourite Kosher salt or Indian black salt.