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Sake & Shochu

Welcome to the Sous Chef Japanese sake shop. Sake is a unique Japanese drink that's made from fermented rice. In the West we often refer to sake as rice wine.

Buy sake online in the UK, from well known Japanese sake brands like Ozeki and even sparkling sake for special occasions. This is also where you'll find Japanese sake for cooking to use in dishes like ramen and yakitori.

The best way to serve sake is from traditional Japanese sake jugs and sake cups. Browse our range of complete sake sets, or mix and match individual sake bottles and cups. If you get a traditional square cypress wood cup for your sake, drink from one corner to make sure you don't spill any!

What does Sake taste like?

If you're wondering how Japanese sake tastes, it varies between the sake styles and even what temperature you drink it at. Sake can taste fruity and floral, or spicy and woody; it can even be crisp and dry like a dry white wine. Sometimes sake can have a very pure, clean taste almost like vodka.

Should you drink Sake hot or cold?

Sake can be served warm, at room temperature or even chilled. 

As a general guide, Futsushu & Honjozo grades should be gently warmed to 50°C, Junmai served at room temperature or gently warmed to between 30 and 40 degrees, and Ginjo, Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo & Junami Daiginjo are best served chilled between 0 and 5°.

You can learn more in our Sake Buyer's Guide

Can Japanese Sake Go Bad?

Rather unusually for alcoholic drinks, Japanese sake comes with a shelf life. However, this does not mean that Japanese sake goes bad. It simply means that after this date, the flavour will not be as pronounced or as complex as when the sake was fresh. The flavour and aroma compounds in sake are very delicate, so enjoy your Japanese sake as soon as possible for the best experience.

Which Japanese Sake To Buy?

There is lots of Japanese sake and it is hard to know which sake to buy. Luckily, we've written a handy guide to help you choose! Read our Sake Buyer's Guide.

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