Dashi Powder & Stock



Dashi Powder & Stock

Dashi stock is a fundamental component of Japanese cuisine, serving as a rich and aromatic base for a wide range of dishes. 

It is a clear, umami-rich stock made from just a few simple ingredients: kombu (dried kelp) and bonito flakes (dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna).

To prepare dashi, kombu is soaked in water and gently heated, allowing its natural glutamic acids to infuse the liquid with a delicate, savoury taste. 

The kombu is then removed before bringing the liquid to a gentle simmer, at which point bonito flakes are added. The flakes impart a distinctive smoky, seafood flavour to the broth.

Dashi is easy to make, but for added convenience it’s also available ready-made or in powdered form ready to rehydrate.

Dashi stock powder - Instant dashi - is also known as dashi no moto.

Dashi also comes in different varieties. Awase dashi combines both kombu and bonito for a balanced taste. Katsuo dashi, made exclusively with bonito flakes, yields a stronger, more pronounced seafood essence. This versatile stock forms the backbone of Japanese cuisine.

How To Use Dashi Powder

Dissolve the desired amount of powder in hot water, adjusting to your recipe's specifications. Use this umami-packed elixir to elevate the flavours in soups, stews, and sauces effortlessly. Dashi powder is a versatile ingredient, ideal for enhancing the taste of Japanese dishes.

Dashi Powder vs Dashi Stock

Dashi powder offers instant convenience, requiring only rehydration, while traditional dashi stock involves simmering kombu and bonito flakes to extract rich flavours. Powder suits the fast-paced kitchen, providing a quick umami boost, while stock-making delivers a deeper, nuanced taste. Choose based on your culinary needs: efficiency with powder or a hands-on, traditional experience with stock. Both promise to enhance your dishes with the quintessential umami essence integral to Japanese cuisine.

Where to Buy Dashi Powder & Stock

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