Recipe Ideas For Valentine's Day

Pasta in Pink

Home-made tagliatelle turns a beautiful deep pink colour when you add just a touch of beetroot juice to the flour along with the eggs. It does make the dough a bit trickier to work with though. A good alternative is to use a natural red food colour which, being a powder, doesn’t add any extra moisture to the dough.

Heart-shaped pasta can be cute without being embarrassing, like the recipe for simple pasta hearts with sage butter sauce at The Epicurean, or the heart-shaped pasta at Annie’s Eats . A heart-shaped ravioli stamp will mean that you don’t have to rely on freestyle, heart-shaped cutting.


There’s the perennial fight about lobster vs crab. Lobsters speak luxury, but then many think crab is tastier. And this close to January savings it’s always safest to go for value for money. Plus, boiling a crab and then clawing out every last scrap of brown meat is surely only going to bring couples closer! So grab some lobster crackers to tackle the claws, some seafood forks as the ultimate scooping weapon, tie on a bib and get ready to get dirty...

Glamorous desserts

Rose-infused chocolate truffles are a great gift. An easy way of adding a professional touch is with a little gold leaf. It’s a dramatic look perched on top of a dark chocolate truffle…and brilliant when used in more adventurous ways, like this ‘Lady In Red’ jelly. 


Valentine’s Day can have a ‘bah humbug’ effect on many, who develop pangs of nausea at the sight of heart-shaped balloons, and pink teddy bears. Something practical and thoughtful is a good alternative – perhaps the Authentic Persian Cooking Set, so that you can stay in, crack open a bottle of wine and cook a preserved lemons & olive tagine together – keeping well clear of Valentine's Day hysteria.


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