pink beetroot pasta

Food can be the way to your significant other’s heart this Valentine’s Day, be it a simple meal for two or a bells-and-whistles blow out. Our suggestions for suitably indulgent main courses and desserts will set you up for a night to remember.

Recipes for Valentine's Day Dinner

Ribeye Steak

ribeye steak

Ribeye steak is the ultimate at-home luxury for Valentine's Day. Why not try J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's method for cooking steak using a sous vide machine - for perfect, juicy results, every time. Make sure to reverse sear your sous vide steaks, which means pan-searing, blowtorching or grilling them before resting and serving. A steak without a caramelised crust is not a steak worth eating!  Serve with zingy chimichurri, classic, creamy peppercorn sauce or butter-rich hollandaise for an indulgent feast.

Pasta in Pink

pink pasta

Home-made tagliatelle turns a deep, rose pink when a touch of beetroot powder is added to the flour and eggs. Use our heart-shaped stamp to make picture-perfect ravioli, dressed with a silky butter sauce, fragrant with sage. Or keep things classic with a creamy sauce full of earthy mushrooms. Make sure to finish your plates with a generous layer of fluffy, fresh Parmesan and a swirl of new season’s olive oil.

King Prawns with Tamarind and Coconut

king prawn curry

A mixture of sweet coconut milk and spicy Seychellois ‘massale’, this King Prawn Curry is packed with flavour. Make the massale by dry frying coriander, cumin and cardamom seeds before grinding into a powder to produce a fresh and fragrant spice mix. Serve with rice and chutney of your choice before garnishing with lime wedges and fresh coriander.

Mushroom Risotto

mushroom risotto

Make this classic Northern Italian dish with dried mushrooms for a vegetarian meal full of earthy flavour. Our secret - cooking the arborio rice in rehydrated mushroom stock so it has a rich umami depth. Drizzle with a dashing of truffle oil to finish and enjoy with a dry, crisp white wine.


Which gets your vote: lobster or crab? While lobsters are seen as a symbol of luxury, many seafood lovers consider crab the tastier crustacean. Whatever your preference, we have the perfect tools to help you extract every last morsel. Grab some lobster crackers to tackle those meaty claws, seafood forks for digging and scooping, and don’t forget the tie on bibs - so you can really get involved.


For some, Valentine’s Day can induce pangs of nausea - heart-shaped balloons and pink teddy bears are not for everyone. Why not mark the day with a practical, thoughtful alternative such as this Authentic Persian Cooking Set? Stay in, crack open a bottle and cook a preserved lemon and olive tagine  – steering well clear of the hysteria. Or hunker down with some luxury nibbles, such as our bestselling truffle crisps or Perello olives 

Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

Pistachio Ice-cream

pistachio ice cream

This pistachio ice cream is a smooth, sophisticated dessert good enough to eat alone or as an accompaniment to a dark, bitter chocolate tart. Made with or without an ice cream machine, it utilises two secret weapons: pure pistachio paste and ice cream stabiliser. These guarantee creamy ice cream with a silky mouthfeel, and an intense pistachio flavour. 

Stunning Strawberries


Simple but sweet - this strawberry recipe can be made in just 10 minutes yet is full of ripe, fragrant flavours. Macerate your strawberries in sherry vinegar then dress with mint and ground java long pepper. The vinegar brings a mellow-rounded flavour, the pepper a spicy kick and the mint leaves a refreshing finish on your palate.

Rose-infused Chocolate Truffles

rose chocolate truffles

Rose-infused chocolate truffles are perfect partners to an aperitif. Add a professional, luxurious touch with a little gold leaf, which looks dramatic perched on top of the dark chocolate.

Rose petal and hibiscus jelly 

rose jelly

Steep rose and hibiscus petals in water, before adding a little extra rosewater and lemon juice to make a beautiful fragrant jelly. The hibiscus flower’s balance the sweetness with a more tea-like flavour without overpowering the rose. Serve in wine glasses or turn out of the moulds for the obligatory ‘wobble’.

Valentine's day cake 

Persian love cake

persian love cake

Yasmin Khan’s Persian love cake recipe from her cookbook ‘The Saffron Tales’, uses rose water and citrus to create a moist aromatic cake. Good enough to be eaten in one sitting, it’s ideal for sharing with your significant other, friends or family. Perfect for a galentines treat.

Now that you have dinner sorted, check out our gift guide for more Valentine's Day ideas.


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