Wild, Black & Red Rice



Wild, Black & Red Rice

Wild rice, black rice, and red rice will add deliciousness and visual drama to your dishes. From red carmague and black nerone rice to Logdan royal purple and O cha red berry rice, get your store cupboards stocked to create stunning and satisfying dinners.

Wild rice comes from a grain of wetland grass called zizania aquatica which is cured and then roasted to achieve its beautiful black colour. Try it alone or serve in combination with red carmague rice or nerone black rice for extra nuttiness and fibre. 

Perfect for rice salads, in pilafsjambalaya, or as a bed for dal or feijoada

What is black rice?

Black rice is an ancient Chinese ingredient also known as ‘forbidden rice,’ on account of it being reserved only for emperors in Ancient China. The grain was believed to have potent aphrodisiac properties and peasants were strictly forbidden from eating it! 

High in anthocyanin antioxidants, once cooked, black rice becomes a rich purple colour and develops a delicious stickiness - perfect for rice puddings and congee. Try making zongzi (black rice dumplings), sushi, or even use it for risotto. 

These vibrant rices look the picture in contrast with toasted nuts and herbs, or alongside fish, white meat or tofu.