Skeppshult Cast Iron Cookware



Skeppshult Cast Iron Cookware

Swedish company Skeppshult (pronounced hep-salt) has been making cast iron products by hand since 1906. The process starts with raw iron that is heated to a searing 1,500°C in the furnaces. The molten iron is then cast into special moulds, made from sand which can withstand the extreme temperatures.

Sand moulds can only be used once, and therefore each product is unique – no two items are exactly alike. Each sand mould is recycled and used for another product. Skeppshult seasons their cast iron with rapeseed oil (also called canola oil) from Osterlen to protect it from damage. This also gives the cast iron its natural non-stick properties.

Skeppshult’s cast iron is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-coated aluminium pans.

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