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From paella pans to woks, baking sheets to flan tins, we’ve put together a guide on the essential (and extra) cookware to have in your kitchen.

What are the different types of cookware?

Cookware simply means pots, pans and equipment which food can be cooked in. This can cover everything from roasting tins to a tortilla press, stainless steel smokers to Chinese clay pots. Cookware can be made from a variety of materials, the most common of which are stainless steel and cast iron. Both these materials have properties that make them suitable for withstanding high temperatures, are durable and long-lasting, as well as being food-safe! Cookware which is non-stick is great if you want to be able to clean it with ease, as well as being able to get cakes, muffins and tarts out without them breaking.

Here are the positives of stainless steel cookware:

  • Withstands high temperatures and doesn’t rust, perfect for achieving smoky aubergines in an oven
  • Conducts heat well for even cooking, great for cakes and bakes
  • Easy-to-clean if non-stick
  • Durable so it will last a long time

If you’re considering cast iron cookware, here are the benefits:

  • It improves with use, creating a natural layer making it easy to release food
  • Cast iron maintains heat very well, great for getting a rise when baking bread
  • Extremely durable, it can be used time-and-time again. Lots of cast iron cookware have decade-long guarantees they’re that long-lasting

For baking, silicone is a useful material to have in your kitchen, here’s why:

  • Silicone is soft, flexible and lightweight, perfect for storing in smaller spaces and great for easily removing food from the cookware
  • As it’s not metal there’s no risk of rust
  • The flexible material is microwave, oven and dishwasher-safe, so very versatile

What cookware do you really need?

The cookware you need depends on the style of cooking you do regularly. Here we’ve put together a list of cookware that is handy to have in your cupboards, plus what you should use each item for.

Shallow baking sheets are handy for laying food flat and baking in an oven or storing in a fridge, everything from roasting vegetables to chilling cookies.

Non-Stick Baking Pan, 23cm x 23cm

Deeper baking trays have higher sides so are ideal for roasting cuts of meat, layering lasagnes or baking brownies and flapjacks.

A round cake tin can be used for a single-layer cake, or slice it into as many layers as you like once the cake has cooled. A loose bottom makes it easy to remove the cake and keep the base even.

De Buyer Prim Appety Stainless Saucepan Set

Whether you want to simmer sauces, heat up soup, make stock or slowly cook porridge, this set comes with a variety of sized pans. They easily stack inside of each other to save on space and are dishwasher safe. De Buyer’s magnetic, heat diffusing base means they’re all compatible with induction cookers, too.

De Buyer Non-Stick Frying Pan, 28cm

Poach fish, use for Spanish tortillas or simmer pasta sauces in a non-stick frying pan. A non-stick frying pan is perfect for gentle cooking, or when you want to reheat food.

Cook perfectly charred steak, halloumi and flatbreads with a griddle pan. This cast iron pan retains heat very well and provides an even cooking surface. Griddle pans are great when you want a BBQ but don’t have the space!

De Buyer Mineral B Wok, 32cm

Cook over searing heat with an iron wok. The sides heat up evenly for consistent cooking and provides a larger area for fish and meat. De Buyer’s wok has a flat base so it doesn't tip on electric and induction stoves.

What other cookware can I use in my kitchen?

Now we’ve covered the basic kitchen equipment, it’s time to tailor your cookware to what you love making, be it Spanish paellas, golden brioche rolls or even frilly crêpes!

Enamelled 12 Person Paella Pan, 40cm

Whether you keep it classic with saffron and shellfish, or go vegan with olives and sundried tomatoes, a paella pan is great for making the classic Spanish dish. The flat base means that the rice spreads into a thin layer, allowing it to cook evenly and absorb stock at a steady rate.

Large Non-Stick Brioche Mould, 22cm dia (top)

Make traditional French brioche with this fluted steel mould. The mould has a non-stick coating which means the sweet, golden buns will be released with ease. 

De Buyer Carbone Plus Crepe Pan with Iron Handle

Cook frilly crêpes and fluffy pancakes on this flat pan. The heavy iron pan has a low rim which makes it easy to flip the pancakes, whether you flip them up high in the air or gently turn with a fish slice.

Cast Iron Takoyaki Pan, 18cm dia

Make the popular Japanese street food snack at home with this cast iron takoyaki pan. All you need to do is brush the oil into each hole, heat up and spoon the batter in, rotating the pan and adding more until each hole is filled.

De Buyer Non-Stick Madeleine Tray

Bake light, golden madeleines at home with this 12-hole tray. The arrangement of the moulds allows for optimum circulation of hot air, for the best cooking results every time.

Crusty Bake Non-Stick Quiche Tin

Achieve a beautiful fluted tart with this non-stick quiche tin. While baking, any excess moisture can escape through the small holes, so not a soggy bottom in sight! The loose bottom makes it easy to remove the quiche from the tin without it breaking. 

Extra-special cookware

Investing in long-lasting cookware is really worthwhile, and there are a couple of extra-special items that are perfect for gifting.

De Buyer Prima Matera Induction-Compatible Copper Saute Pan - Straight

The De Buyer Prima Matera straight copper saute pan for induction is too good looking to hide away in a cupboard. It's the ultimate all-rounder. Use as often as you can for browning meat, reducing sauces, caramelising onions and more. 

Skeppshult Cast Iron Waffle Iron, 21cm

Use the Skeppshult cast iron waffle pan to make classic heart-shaped waffles on the stovetop, with crispy edges and fluffy middles. Heat the pan on your hob, then once the cast iron is hot pour in the waffle batter and close the lid. Flip the pan halfway through cooking to ensure the waffles are heated evenly all the way through. Then serve while still warm, with a dusting of icing sugar and slices of fresh fruit.

Click here for all cookware to buy, and try our best baking recipes here.


  • Hi Deepa,

    I think a pan from the De Buyer Prima Matera Range would work best.

    It gives you amazing heat control, while also working on induction – it’s a very tricky feat to make copper pans work on induction! Copper is also amazing for heat conductivity, to give you an even heat and no hot spots.

    They have been modernised from the classic tin lined copper pans, to be stainless steel lined instead. This makes it very durable, and easy to clean. Definitely a pan for life that can be handed down over generations.

    Copper pans will oxidise with use, and get marks. This gives a lovely rustic look to them. However, if you prefer a shiny copper look, use the De Buyer Copper cleaner every so often to make it look like new again.

    In terms of which pan, it depends what you like to cook with. Personally, if I would choose just one pan, I would go for the Straight Saute pan.

    I feel it’s the most versatile. It’s deep enough to do saucy curries, or toss pasta. And it has a wide enough base that you can use it to sear veg and get a lovely caramelised surface.

    Kristin on

  • If someone were to buy me a De Buyer copper pan for my induction cooker as a very special birthday present what should I choose? I am a keen cook and vegetarian Italian, Indian and most desserts are my favourites. Would it make a noticeable difference… thank you

    Deepa Parry-Gupta on

  • Hi Jane, stainless steel pans without non-stick coating (such as our De Buyer Mineral B pans) require a little love and care to season them – which helps develop a natural non-stick layer. Pre-coated pans don’t require the same process, but must be cleaned carefully so as not to damage the coating. Professional kitchens tend to use pans without coating, as they are more durable in the long-term.

    Holly at Sous Chef on

  • Hi, love the site. Could you help me I want to buy a set of stainless steel saucepans, are non stick or pans with no coating better.
    Many thanks

    jane deadman on

  • Hi Raja, thank you so much for your message. I’m afraid this isn’t something we currently stock, however I’ll let you know if that changes. Thanks again

    Ellie @ Sous Chef on

  • Hi love your cookware but I don’t see a coucous pot. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Raja Smith on

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