Hazelnut Spread



Hazelnut Spread

Hazelnut spread is often synonymous with chocolate hazelnut spreads – gianduja and its many variations and descendants – but it’s also a spread in its own right.

Many hazelnut spreads are also available, sweetened with sugar, nougat, or chocolate, and made spreadable with various vegetable oils including olive oil.

Best hazelnut spread

For a purer hazelnut flavour, hazelnut butter is a delicious nut butter made from roasted hazelnuts without any added sugar or cocoa. 

Nutty, earthy and bittersweet, it allows the natural flavours of the nut to shine through.

It is also available as a cooking ingredient where it tends to be known as hazelnut paste. 

This is a versatile ingredient, not just for spreading on toast, but for use in cakes, pastries and biscuits, as a flavouring in buttercream, or to make your own chocolate-hazelnut spread.