The Nuts That Italy Is Famous For

Here is a comprehensive list of the nuts that Italy is famous for.

Sicilian Pistachios

Today, pistachios grow around Bronte and Mount Etna in Eastern Sicily, as they have since the Middle Ages. The volcanic soil gives a beautiful intensity of flavour, and they are famed worldwide for their intense green colour. Perfect for Italian pastries and pistachio ice cream.

Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste, 180g

Choose pure Sicilian pistachio paste to stir through white chocolate ganache, whisk into custards for tarts and ice cream, or even flavour fresh tagliatelle. It is ultra-smooth and intensely green.

Sweet Sicilian Pistachio Spread, 100g

Try the sweet pistachio cream spread as an instant filling for macarons, or a dreamy treat on crusty bread.

Sicilian Pistachio Flour, 150g

Roll white chocolate truffles in pistachio flour for a nutty coating, or add to sponge cake mixtures for subtle pistachio flavour and a delicate green hue.

Sweet Sicilian Pistachio Cream, 1kg

A bumper tub of luxurious pistachio cream - great for restaurants, bakeries and caterers. 


Bronte DOP Pistachio Paste, 1kg

Even more specifically regional are Bronte Pistachios DOP, with a Protected Designation of Origin. They are called Sicily's Green Gold, and there's a reason for it. If you'd like Sicilian pistachios on your menu, this is the ultimate ingredient.

Every two years around Autumn, the entire village of Bronte (near Mount Etna) goes down to pick and shell the magical fruit, one by one. Once the harvest is finished, the final product is a bright green to violet-red coloured nut, with a particularly sweet and fragrant flavour.

Piemonte IGP Hazelnuts

Piedmont in northwest Italy produces some of the best hazelnuts in the world. The hazelnuts are protected by Piemonte IGP status. The smaller number of trees per hectare, and fruits allowed to ripen on the tree give nuts a richer flavour and ultra crisp kernel.

Roasted Piemonte IGP Hazelnuts, 150g

Vacuum packed and sent quickly to us in London, the nuts are beautifully fresh. Eat alone or in salads for their fabulous flavour, bite and high Vitamin E and oleic acid content. They are also famously an ingredient in chocolate-hazelnut gianduja spread and confectionery.

Pure Piemonte Hazelnut Paste, 180g

Ultra-smooth hazlenut paste for baking, patisserie, ice cream and desserts.

Piemonte Hazelnut Gianduja Spread, 200g

The classic chocolate-hazelnut paste taken to the next level. For your best morning toast yet.

Italian Hazelnut Gianduja Paste, 1kg

Large tub of chocolate-hazelnut spread for bakers, caterers and restaurants. Excellent when gently warmed and drizzled over crepes and waffles.


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