The Buyer’s Guide to Gluten Free Pasta

Gluten free pasta is a storecupboard essential for those that have a gluten intolerance – it’s a great base for classic Italian sauces, from pestos to hearty ragus. In this guide we dive into what gluten free pasta is, and the best gluten free pasta to buy

What is gluten free pasta?

Gluten free pasta is a storecupboard grain which replaces wheat, rye or barley flour for gluten free grains including rice, chickpea and corn flour. Gluten free pasta is a popular choice for those with a gluten intolerance. 

Gluten is what provides pasta dough with its elasticity. This means that traditionally, gluten free pastas can be denser and more brittle, however our range of gluten free pastas have a wonderful al dente texture and gentle bite.

How to cook with gluten free pasta?

All these recipes use wheat pasta, but swap them for any gluten free pasta shape of your choice.

The Ultimate Pomodoro Sauce

The Ultimate Pomodoro Sauce

This easy pomodoro sauce is so simple to make – it only needs to start cooking just before putting the dried pasta on to boil! We’ve used San Marzano tomatoes to make the ultimate tomato sauce, plus added a little garlic, salt and chilli.

Voatsiperifery Pepper Cacio e Pepe

Voatsiperifery Pepper Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e pepe looks deceptively simple, with its use of only three ingredients, but it can be frustratingly easy to get wrong. Follow our simple steps to crack it every time.

Orecchiette with Friarielli Broccoli, Garlic and Chili

 Orecchiette with Friarielli Broccoli, Garlic and Chili

This simple pasta dish is a wonderful way of making the most out of jarred vegetables. Adding Aleppo pepper gives a fruity, aromatic flavour to contrast the sharp pecorino. 

Truffled Macaroni Cheese

 Truffled Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni cheese is a classic comfort food, and a smooth, glossy cheese sauce is key to making an excellent version. We’ve given this dish an indulgent truffle twist.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara

Carbonara is a rich pasta dish, made with a glossy cheese sauce. The star of this recipe is guanciale, a type of cured meat prepared from pork cheeks, with a silky texture.

Which gluten free pasta should I buy?

Morelli Organic Gluten Free "Calamari" Pasta 250g

Best gluten free pasta for seafood sauces

Morelli organic gluten free calamari is a ring-shaped pasta made with rice and corn flour. This pasta takes its name from the squid rings it resembles. This organic pasta has an al-dente texture pair it with creamy seafood sauces, from lobster to crab.

Rummo Gluten Free Penne Rigate 400g

Best gluten free pasta for smooth sauces

Rummo penne rigate pasta no. 66 is a classic pasta shape, made with a blend of wholemeal rice, yellow corn, white corn and potato starch. The pasta shapes are drawn through a bronze die, to give the pasta a rough texture that marinara, arrabbiata and pesto sauces will cling to. 

Rummo Gluten Free Chickpea Fusilli 300g

Best gluten free pasta for an earthy flavour

Rummo gluten free chickpea fusilli is a spiral pasta shape with an earthy and nutty flavour. Made from Tuscan chickpeas and brown rice, this high fibre pasta is extruded through bronze dies. The rough surface and ridges allow sauce to cling to the pasta.

Rummo Gluten Free Lentil Pennette Rigate 300g

Best high fibre gluten free pasta

Made with red lentil flour and wholemeal rice, this gluten-free pasta is drawn through a bronze die, producing a rough texture that sauces will cling to. Serve these hollow tubes with chunky vegetable sauces and rich ragus.

Morelli Organic Gluten Free Linguine 250g

Best gluten free pasta for carbonara

Morelli organic gluten free linguine is a long-flat shaped pasta made with corn flour and water. Once cooked, this gluten free linguine has an al dente texture with a little bite. The thin pasta strands are perfect for serving with glossy carbonara.

Difatti Gluten Free Gnocchi 250g

Best gluten free gnocchi

Gnocchi is an Italian classic, and these gluten free potato pillows swap wheat flour for corn flour. These plump dumplings are quick to cook and pair well with pesto, tomato sauces and rich ragus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which gluten free pasta tastes the most like regular pasta?

Gluten free pasta won’t taste exactly the same as wheat flour pasta, because the flours used to make it have different flavours. Gluten free pasta made with chickpea flour or red lentil flour is nutty, and earthier than one made with rice flour.

The gluten free pasta that is most similar to regular gluten pasta is Rummo, where the pasta shapes are made with a blend of wholemeal rice, yellow corn, white corn and potato starch. Plus, in case you needed any extra convincing, Rummo is the gluten free pasta of choice for food writer Stanley Tucci. 

Is gluten free pasta healthier than regular?

Gluten free pasta isn’t healthier than regular wheat flour pasta, however certain grains have different nutritional properties. Pasta made with chickpea and brown rice flour is high in fibre, while pasta made with red lentil flour is high in protein.

Shop all gluten free ingredients here, and read our guide to gluten free flour here.


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