Everything You Need To Know About Perello

Perello is a Spanish brand who have been producing some of Spain's most-loved olive and antipasti products since 1964. From plump Gordal to salty Manzanilla, Perello olives are the ultimate Spanish snack for tapas spreads and evening nibbles.

What are Perello olives?

Perello is a Spanish brand who have been producing some of Spain's most-loved olive and antipasti products since 1964. For more than 50 years, Perello have been working with different varieties of olives and pickles, preserving them with everything from fragrant herbs to punchy chilli peppers. Perello are best known for its plump Gordal olives which have a cult following.

What do Perello olives taste like?

The flavour of Perello olives differs with each variety, however a briny, salty flavour is key to all Perello olives. Perello Gordal olives are preserved with chilli giving this variety a slightly spicy kick, while Perello olives with mixed pickles get a tang from silverskin onions. No matter which olives you go for, be sure to serve in true Spanish style with a glass of Cava or sherry.

Exciting recipes using Perello olives



These olive, anchovy, piquillo skewers can be prepared in just a few minutes and use only store cupboard ingredients - wonderfully salty, but the palate is soothed by the sweet roasted piquillo pepper at the end.

Spanish Chicken, Chorizo and Red Wine Stew

Spanish Chicken, Chorizo & Red Wine Stew Recipe

Spicy chorizo and tender chicken stew gets a salty kick from Perello Gordal olives.

Pan-Fried Sea Bass With Piquillo Peppers

Pan-Fried Sea Bass With Piquillo Peppers Recipe

This Spanish recipe largely uses pantry ingredients, so it takes very little preparation. It brings together big, Mediterranean flavours to perfectly compliment the seabass.

What are the different types of Perello olives I can buy?

Perello Gordal Pitted Olives

Perello Gordal pitted olives are a cult favourite among olive connoisseurs. Bright green, plump and crisp, these Gordal olives are tinned in brine with guindilla chilli, giving the olives a slight hot kick. Drain and serve Perello Gordal olives for a pre-dinner nibble, or enjoy with manchego cheese. 

Perello Manzanilla Pitted Olives 150g

Perello Manzanilla pitted olives are preserved with hot chilli, giving the salty snack a fiery kick. Manzanilla olives are often stuffed with other ingredients, from almonds to tomatoes to mozzarella cheese. Enjoy these plump olives as a pre-dinner nibble or as part of a tapas spread.

Perello Olives with Mixed Pickles

Perello black and green olives are mixed with silverskin onions and chilli to create this tin of spicy snacks. Use this Perello olive selection to make pintxos by threading the olives and pickles onto a skewer with anchovy fillets.

Perello Cornicabra Olives 200g

Cornicabra olives typically grow in the sunny hills of Andalucía, Southern Spain, and their name refers to their natural horn shape. This variety of olive is often used to make olive oil, however here, the Perello olives are jarred in a brine of water and salt, making them ideal for eating as they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gordal olives?

Gordal olives are grown in Spain. The bright green olives have a firm, crisp texture. Gordal translates as ‘the big one’ which accurately describes the plump nature of these olives. 

Where are Perello olives from?

All Perello olives originate from Spain, with most of the varieties growing in the sunny hills of Andalucía, Southern Spain. 

Shop all Perello olives here, and read our ultimate guide to pitted olives here.


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