Cookware Essentials: Tips From The Sous Chef Team

There are a few cookware essentials that every kitchen needs. A good set of pans; utensils that last; bakeware that will turn out perfect bread and cakes. But how do you know which essential cookware equipment to invest in? If you use it every day, it’s important the cookware lives up to the job!

In this guide, we help you find the best everyday cookware and what to prioritise depending on the sort of chef you are. Plus we’ve added a few expert tips from the Sous Chef team on the tools we love to use every single day!

Types of cookware for everyday use

When it comes to decking out your kitchen, knowing the right types of cookware can be a game-changer. Below are the best cookware you should have for your everyday cooking:


Designed for simplicity and functionality, they excel at sauces, soups, and perfect simmering. No frills, just reliable tools for precision cooking. Whether you're just preparing a dinner for yourself or a weekend dinner party with your family, saucepans can help you prepare whichever saucy or soupy dish effortlessly.

De Buyer Prima Matera Induction Copper Frying Pan with Stainless Steel Handle

Food Editor Holly says: “I really love my copper pans - I notice the difference when I’m cooking - they definitely have a more even heat distribution. I cook on a gas hob but it’s also really great to know that these will still work on induction if I ever upgrade my stove!"

Chef’s Knife

This razor-sharp, no-nonsense blade is the key to precision and efficiency in your dish preparation. Whether you're slicing, dicing, or chopping, this all-purpose knife ensures effortless preparation of ingredients, making it the go-to choice for both amateur cooks and seasoned chefs alike. 

Seki 3 Layer Gyuto Knife, 20cm

Cookware buyer Kristin says: “Personally I love the Seki 3 Gyuto. It's a beautiful knife with a really sharp edge. It sits comfortably in your hand when you use it. A good knife is definitely essential for most kitchen tasks!”



From searing steaks to breakfast delights, the skillet pan is a great cookware to use. Consistent heat turns out perfection, whether it's fajitas sizzling or pancakes golden brown. 

This is the pan you should definitely have and use for everyday cooking.

Dutch Oven

Either on the stovetop or in the oven, a Dutch oven’s even heat distribution is perfect for slow-cooking, braising, and roasting. From hearty stews, deep frying, to artisanal bread, the Dutch Oven is your straightforward, reliable workhorse, making cooking easier.

Cookut Multifunction Dutch Oven with Pot Holders, Green

Buyer Lily says: "I was so excited when we introduced the Cookut Dutch Oven. It’s a brilliant all-in-one, that’s lightweight and looks lovely on the countertop. It’s great for batch cooking, but also handy for cooking a joint of meat or whole chicken."

Essential utensils


In addition to your cookware, it's crucial to have the right utensils for handling your everyday kitchen essentials.

Spatulas and Spoons


These are a must. A good spoon is perfect for stirring, while a spatula excels at flipping pancakes or burger patties. It's also crucial to consider which spoon or spatula is suitable for specific cookware.

Dreamfarm Black Mini Supoon Silicone Spoon

Purchasing Manager Ada says: "This little spatula spoon is really great for hundreds of everyday jobs in the kitchen. It’s a clever design that really works. Great for scrambled eggs, great for getting the last bits out of jars of chocolate spread or peanut butter!"

Tongs and Whisks

Tongs, with their sturdy grip, make flipping, turning, and serving a walk in the park, especially handy for grilling and sautéing. On the other hand, whisks are your secret weapon for achieving the perfect consistency in batters, sauces, and dressings, ensuring a seamless blending process. 

Bakeware essentials

If you're into baking or you just really love to use your oven, these tools are a must in your kitchen.

Baking Sheets

These flat, sturdy sheets aren't just for baking cookies; they're the secret to achieving perfectly roasted vegetables, golden-brown pizzas, and evenly baked pastries. The baking sheet's non-stick surface and even heat distribution make it an essential tool for everyday cooking, ensuring that your meals come out flawlessly cooked and ready to impress.

Mermaid Silver Anodised Baking Sheet

Marketing Executive Jannika says: "This flat baking sheet is really great for free-form breads, cookies, biscuits and meringues. It’s a super-smooth surface that hasn’t warped, even after hundreds of uses in hot ovens. It definitely stands the test of time!"

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowl’s generous size accommodates an array of ingredients, providing the space needed for thorough mixing and blending. Whether you're whipping up cookie dough or tossing a vibrant salad, it's simple yet effective design ensures your ingredients come together effortlessly.

De Buyer Hemisphere Mixing Bowl with Silicone Base, 30cm

Food Editor Holly says: "When you find a mixing bowl you love, hang on to it. For me, they have to have a silicone base and a totally curved shape. This means that nothing gets stuck in the corners, but you also get the benefit of a stable base."

Oven Mitts

Designed to shield your hands from scalding heat, these mitts provide a secure grip on hot bakeware, making it easier to handle your dishes fresh from the oven. Beyond safety, this also allows you to confidently navigate the kitchen, seamlessly transitioning from oven to countertop. 

Exploring specialty cookware


Aside from the basic cookware and utensils you should have in the kitchen, it will be also nice to explore some specialty cookware or just to keep them if ever you need to prepare for your special guests’ dinner or simply aiming to showcase your culinary finesse during a Friday night gathering with friends. Below are the specialty cookware you need to keep in your kitchen:

Wok Pan

The unique concave shape of the wok allows for even heat distribution, ensuring quick and efficient stir-frying, deep-frying, and steaming. Beyond its versatility, the wok's design facilitates the perfect toss and turn, infusing your dishes with flavours that leave a lasting impression.

Grilling Pan

The grill pan's ridges not only impart those sought-after grill marks but also allow excess fats to drain away, ensuring your dishes are deliciously seared and healthier. Its versatility extends beyond steaks and burgers, accommodating vegetables, seafood, and even fruits. 

Importance of having a complete set of cookware

Beyond individual pieces, it ensures efficient meal preparation, allowing you to effortlessly move through cooking stages. Additionally, it elevates your culinary skills, providing the necessary tools for experimentation and mastery in the kitchen. With a complete set, you're orchestrating a symphony of flavours and honing your skills, making every dish you make rewarding and enjoyable.


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