What are whisks used for?

When it comes to cooking, a whisk is an essential kitchen tool. A whisk can be used for everything from whipping cream to blending eggs and sauces. A whisk should be used to mix or stir ingredients together quickly and efficiently. It can also be used to incorporate air into a mixture, resulting in a lighter consistency.

What is the best whisk to use? 

The most common type of whisk is the balloon whisk. These whisks have a long handle with flexible loops at the end that can create a lot of surface area and air bubbles when you whisk. This makes them ideal for whipping cream, meringue, and other light ingredients. You can also use them to incorporate air into batters for cakes and other baked goods.

If you need something that can mix heavier ingredients, a flat or French whisk is your best bet. This type of whisk has a flat, paddle-like shape and is great for stirring sauces and gravies, blending roux, and other heavy-duty tasks. It is ideal for sauces, gravies, and other thick mixtures.

If you’re looking for a versatile whisk for everyday use, try a spiral whisk. This type of whisk has a wide loop at the end that forms a spiralling pattern around the handle. It’s perfect for mixing, stirring, and blending any type of ingredients.