A punchy little powerhouse of an ingredient, wasabi is native to Japan and grows naturally along stream beds in mountain river valleys. Wasabi paste is traditionally used as a spicy condiment for sushi and sashimi

What Does Wasabi Taste Like?

Most wasabi pastes are made from horseradish, mustard, and green food colouring, but true wasabi is more delicate, herbal and fresh tasting. It has a similar level of heat to mustard and horseradish (in fact, wasabi is often known as Japanese horseradish) but with less harshness.

Wasabi powder is a fiery pantry staple that can be conjured into a paste with the addition of water or whipped into white chocolate mousse for added edge. 

Whether you opt for premium real wasabi or a horseradish blend, wasabi pastes and powders are delicious: 

  • in salad dressings, 
  • paired with seafood, or 
  • added to tarts and tartares for extra oomph. 

Try it in soups, stir it into mayonnaise, or even spice ice creams and sorbets with it. 

However you use it, wasabi is the perfect ingredient to stir up your senses as well as your supper!