Rice Flour



Rice Flour

A gluten-free baking must-have and widely used in both savoury and sweet dishes, rice flour is a hugely versatile and useful ingredient. 

Perfect for free-from sponges and for adding lightness to shortbread, rice flour is also handy for thickening sauces and creating crispy batters. Use it to make Indian dosa and idli or Vietnamese Banh Xeo

What type of rice flour to buy?

Glutinous rice flour, which is also known as sweet rice flour, contains no gluten, despite its name. The “glutinous” refers to its gluey, sticky consistency that makes it perfect for creating delicious chewy sweet treats like mochi and bibingka. 

Brown rice flour is made from milling whole brown rice grains, including the bran and germ. It retains more nutrients and dietary fibre than white rice flour and is commonly used in gluten-free bread, pancakes and cookies.