Japanese Chef Knives

Japanese chef knives are for people serious about cooking. Knives in the Senzo 33 range are formed from 33 layers of Damascus steel with a VG10 core. VG10 is one of the most popular stainless steels among professional chefs – they covet its hardness, ability to hold an edge and its resistance to rust. These Japanese chef knives are cold forged under extremely high pressure, for denser, tougher blades overall. The indentations at the top of the blades prevent fatty, oily or starchy foods from sticking to the knives.

AUS10 is a high-carbon steel similar to VG-10. It’s easier to sharpen than VG-10, so Japanese chef knives made from this steel are suitable for everyone from kitchen novices to professional chefs. Knives in the AUS10 range are made from three layers of cold-forged AUS10 with a very thick core. As with the Senzo 33 range, this means the overall toughness of these blades is very high.

The Sushi Collection knives are fully forged from high carbon stainless steel, for exceptionally tough blades that take a razor-sharp edge. They’re finished with a single layer of soft stainless steel to add weight and act as a shock absorber. The handles are made from magnolia wood – the traditional wood to use for Japanese sushi knives – and synthetic horn collars prevent the handles from splitting.

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