New Arrivals From Italy

Pasta night just got an upgrade with our new arrivals from Italy. From organic stone-ground flours for exceptional homemade pasta, to unbelievably fresh tasting sauces. This is Italian food as it's meant to be.

Mulino Marino

Mulino Marino was founded in southern Piedmont in the mid-1950s by Felice Marino. He was fascinated by traditional flour milling, so when a small mill came up for sale – complete with original mill-stones – Felice knew he had to buy it. Together with his wife and her parents, he started to learn the milling business.

Now, over 60 years later, Mulino Marino produces some of the best flour in Italy. They select the finest organic grains, nuts and pulses from all over Italy. The ones destined for their range of flours are milled to the perfect texture using their carefully researched traditional techniques. The mill stones are powered entirely by solar power – so not only are Mulino Marino flours organic, they’re sustainably produced as well.

Mulino Marino Organic Enkir (Einkorn) Spelt Grain, 1kg

Enkir is an ancient cereal grain, and was the first variety of wheat ever farmed by humans. Its taste is often described as warm, rich, and much nuttier than modern wheat. And, unlike modern wheat and other commercially bred grains, the gluten in enkir is so easy to digest that even those with a gluten intolerance can enjoy it. 

Whole organic enkir, or einkorn, berries are a fabulous alternative to rice and barley. Cooked enkir is even great with fresh fruit and honey for breakfast!

Mulino Marino Organic Semola di Grano Duro Wheat Flour, 1kg

This finely milled durum wheat flour is perfect for homemade egg-free pasta. The fibre-rich flour is also ideal for a semolina sourdough loaf, a traditional bread from Apulia in southern Italy.

This flour is made from the Senatore Cappelli variety of durum wheat. It’s prized in Italy for its flavour, and for the fact that pasta made with this wheat never overcooks – it’s always perfectly al dente. The durum wheat is grown especially for Mulino Marino in the southern Italian region of Basilicata.

Mulino Marino Organic Yellow Polenta, 1kg

This finely milled polenta is made from two varieties of maize – Otto File and Marano. These are both Italian heirloom varieties that are highly prized for their colour, depth of flavour and aroma.

It's ideal for polenta cakes, breads and biscuits. Also use the fine yellow cornmeal to coat chicken, fish or vegetables for frying, to give a wonderfully crunchy coating. And, of course, use it to make a traditional creamy polenta side dish.

Mulino Marino Organic 00 Flour, 1kg

A very high-quality organic variety of this classic Italian pasta flour. Mulino Marino's type 00 flour is just what you need to make your best homemade pasta yet. It's similar to the French T55 flour, so you can use it in French breads as well as pizza doughs and ciabatta.

La Nicchia

La Nicchia, or ‘the Niche’, grow their capers on a tiny Italian island called Pantelleria. It’s almost halfway between Sicily and Tunisia, and its hot climate with plenty of ocean breeze is perfect for farming capers. La Nicchia’s farmers use a unique method to cultivate their caper plants – they use a blow pipe to shoot seeds into the crevices in stone walls or between roof tiles, as these are the places where capers thrive.The farmers are experts at spotting which caper plants have buds and leaves ready for harvesting, and they only hand pick the best.

La Nicchia Crunchy Capers, 30g

La Nicchia crunchy capers add new layers of texture to salads, fish dishes and grilled meats. The sun-dried and dehydrated caper buds have had almost all their natural salt removed. The result is that you can taste the fragrant, peppery and almost mustard-like flavours of the capers.

La Nicchia Caper Leaves, 100g

Unusually moreish, savoury and aromatic with a touch of the signature sharp-saltiness you get from capers. They partner exceedingly well with fresh ricotta and burrata.

Finely shred the caper leaves and stir through rice dishes or add whole into mixed leaf salads for bursts of flavour. Much like caper berries, the leaves are excellent with Mediterranean fish dishes and tomato pasta sauces. For a unique starter, drain the caper leaves and coat in a light batter. Deep fry until golden and serve with aioli.

La Nicchia Big Salted Capers, 90g

Extra large capers with an intensely salty and peppery flavour. Use whole to garnish Mediterranean fish dishes, antipasti platters and grilled meats for a burst of flavour. Or roughly chop and stir through rice and pasta dishes.

Storecupboard Stars

You may think you know ready-made pasta sauce and tinned anchovies. But when you try these Italian superstars, you'll discover whole new worlds of flavour that give your meals extra oomph!

Delfino Colatura di Alici, 100ml

Anchovy extract, garum, and even 'Roman ketchup' - colatura goes by many names. Whatever you call it, there's no denying this is one ingredient that will transform your cooking. In Italy it's used as an intensely umami alternative to salt. The deep, golden amber seasoning imparts wonderfully briny flavours to sauces, soups and stews with just a few drops.

Don Antonio Vodka Sauce, 500g

A touch of vodka gives the rich & creamy tomato sauce a little kick unlike anything you’ve had before. The small amount of vodka brings out otherwise hidden flavours in the tomato sauce and boosts the peppery, herbal notes. 

Don Antonio Puttanesca Sauce, 500g

Don Antonio puttanesca sauce is a traditional tomato sauce from Naples that’s the perfect match for pasta and chicken. Green olives and capers add wonderful briny notes, while pine nuts and raisins add richness.

Recca Anchovy Fillets

Recca anchovy fillets are tender yet meaty, with an intense saltiness that boosts puttanesca pasta sauces and Caesar salad dressings. Dyed-in-the-wool anchovy lovers will also enjoy Recca anchovy fillets straight from the tin, draped over fresh bread with a squeeze of lemon.

Monocultivar Taggiasca Anfosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml

The taste of Liguria in a bottle. This special olive oil is extracted only from Anfosso’s treasured Taggiasca olive trees. It has a lightly grassy aroma with notes of green tomato. On the palate, the Monocultivar Taggiasca olive oil is full-bodied and complex, with rich artichoke and almonds flavours.

Find all these great products and more in our full collection of Italian ingredients.


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