Korean Street Food To Try At Home: Octopus On A Stick

Korea is famed for its street food, and 'food-on-a-stick' is a staple of the Korean street food markets. Hot dog on a stick, potato spirals on a stick, meatballs on a stick, and many more. Yet one of the best Korean street food 'sticks' is Japanese-inspired octopus on a stick - BBQ char-grilled octopus, rolled in umami-rich bonito flakes and drizzled with slightly sweet okonomiyaki sauce. Quick and easy to prepare in advance, octopus on a stick is great for BBQs at home.

These photos were taken in Jeonju hanok village, around 1 1/2 hours south of Seoul.

How To Make Octopus On A Stick

  1. Cook octopus and leave to cool. Thread 2 inch pieces of octopus onto a stick. Brush with oil and char on a BBQ for a few minutes (or griddle pan).
  2. Brush charred octopus with a slightly sticky soy sauce glaze, and roll in bonito flakes.
  3. Drizzle with vinegared gochujang, or Japanese okonomi sauce and serve.
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Octopus On A Stick

Octopus held over charcoal grill, being brushed with a light soy glaze

Octopus On A Stick

Octopus on a stick fresh off the charcoal grill, and being rolled in a huge vat of bonito flakes

Octopus On A Stick

A choice of vinegared gochujang or okonomi sauce is drizzled over the bonito-coated charred octopus


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