Top Food Trends For 2023

Fermented favourites, sweet-savoury upgrades, viral Japanese mayo and the new cult pasta sauce everyone is talking about! We predict the food trends for 2023, based on top search trends, social media’s most-talked about and our customers beloved favourites. 

What to expect in food in 2023?

  1. Cacio e Pepe
  2. Kimchi 
  3. Baijiu 
  4. Cult Sriracha
  5. Quality olive oil
  6. Japanese mayo 
  7. Sweet & savoury 
  8. Food in tubes 
  9. DIY
  10. Whimsical homeware

1. Cacio e Pepe sauce 

cacio e pepe

Alpenzu Cacio e Pepe Cream, 140g

The creamy, cheesy sauce replacing Alfredo. Cacio e Pepe is the Roman pasta dish everyone is eating at the moment. It may be simple - just pecorino romano cheese and black pepper - but this restaurant favourite has over 250 million views on TikTok 

Given the two ingredients – the black pepper has to be excellent! And we’ve noticed pepper sales have increase 15% year on year – partly due to this interest! With people trying anything from Tellicherry (thought to be the classic), to more citrussy Kampot, and tongue-tingling Voatsiperifery.

(And if you want the ultimate time-saver that still gives these divine flavours - it now comes in a jar!) 

2. Kimchi 


Fermenting is set to continue as one of the biggest food trends and combined with a ever-increasing international popularity of Korean food, it is no surprise the national dish of Kimchi is the condiment in everyone's cupboard. 

This spicy-sour condiment is so loved in Korea - it has led to it becoming the world’s largest consumer of chilli in the world. Make your own or buy it in a jar - our vegan kimchi has increased in sales by 95%.

3. Baijiu

Baijiu is an alcoholic spirit that is so frequently drunk in China, it outsells all other spirits across the world… and yet is relatively unheard of in the west.  

The world’s most popular spirit has a central ‘savoury’ flavour, but there are vast profiles of flavours – much like whisky or wine.

It is a cultural pillar in China – it is traditionally drunk neat in toasts with celebratory meals, but more recently, it has featured on top London cocktail bar menus.

We’ve added 8 new varieties in the last 12 months - Learn more about Baijiu here to chose your next bottle! 

4. Cult Sriracha 


Flying Goose Sriracha Box Set, 4 x 200ml

It is perhaps one of Thailand’s most famous exports, and certainly our top selling for yet another year - our only top selling ingredient to see yet another increase in 2022. Sriracha has an almost cult-like following, and it is not hard to see why with its distinctive hot-sweet-sour Thai flavour. 

Sales of sriracha have increased 1200% on our site since 2019, and this shows no sign of stopping. It is also in part due to the release of new flavours onto the market. Some of Flying Goose's latest creations include Yuzu, Black Pepper and Coconut and most recently hemp! Try all 4 in our Bundle.

5. Quality Olive Oil 

olive oil

Our top most searched for term on site for 2022, it is clear 2023 is not the time to underestimate the power of incredible pantry staples.

New season olive oil is the first harvest of the season, and with olive oil – the fresher, the better. And 2023 sees our range featuring more new lines than ever before. Galantino has proved out most popular - selling out in the first 24 hours in both our first and second restock!

Visit our Olive Oil hub to learn more

6. Japanese Mayo 

kewpie mayonnaise

Japanese mayo is one of the most viral and talked about ingredients. And our sales of Kewpie have increased by 56% this year. 

With 83 million views on YouTube and a quadruple in search queries, this is the condiment everyone will be using in 2023. 

Japanese mayo is different from standard mayonnaise as it contains a higher proportion of egg yolk than other varieties. With four egg yolks per 500g, it has an extra rich flavour and creamy thick texture.  

7. Sweet and savoury (beyond salted caramel)  

Salted caramel took the world by storm in the late 1990s and since then combining savoury ingredients into sweet dishes has exploded - much more than just salt! Some of our most unique combinations: 

8. Food In Tubes

It’s all about convenience at the moment - so what is more convenient than your favourite ingredients, treats and condiments in a squeezy tube! Add straight to the pan or take on the go. 

9. DIY

With sustainability constantly on the mind in the current world, we are seeing more and more people doing it themselves - from fermenting (as mentioned before), to growing your own. 

Veritable Classic Indoor Herb Garden

And you don’t have to be limited with space! As seen in Metro, Veritable’s indoor herb garden is a hassle-free way to grow herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables in your kitchen. With automated lights and nutrients, whatever you space or home environment, you can easily have your own indoor herb garden.

10. Whimsical Homeware

whimsical homeware

Our launch of Ichendorf Milano’s charming animal glassware sold out within hours this year. Equally as poppular were our novelty food Christmas baubles.

It is clear the fun, the novelty and the whimsical are rising in popularity to add a bit of joy to everyday items, which looks set to continue into 2022. From nostalgic kitchen lines to Portugese eccentric cermaics, crockery and cookware with a fun twist is here to stay.  

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