Best Stocking Filler Gifts for Foodies & Chefs

Food lovers and chefs know the value of small touches - so the little packages of joy from small gifts and stocking fillers are always extra special. Make your food stocking fillers just as thoughtful, wonderful and useful as any larger gift.

Whether it is experimental chefs, home cooks or seeks of exciting new flavours and aromas, our huge range of small food and cooking gifts will guarantee to make their stocking one to remember.

Find our pick of the best Christmas food gifts here, or browse hundreds of gifts for chefs and food-lovers.

Chose from the finest luxury chocolate in Europe, to confectionary classics with a twist. Discover practical and exciting kitchen tools, alongside every day ingredient upgrades and sources of new cooking inspiration. Our selection of stocking fillers has the perfect thing to bring small moments of joy to every foodie in your life. 

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Fiasconaro Pistachio Cream, 180g

‘Tastes like a tub of heavenly pistachio ice cream - but with cupboard convenience!’ - Helena, Digital Marketing Assistant 

This rich and creamy spread is the ultimate luxury gift for pistachio lovers. Perfect for an indulgent breakfast on your morning toast, or smother on a slice of fluffy panettone. It also makes a brilliant baking ingredient for sandwiching between cakes or biscuits - if you can resist spooning it all straight from the jar first! 

Filt String Bag in Light Pink, Short Handle

Help fight single-use plastic with a sustainable and stylish shopping bag. These strong reusable bags have been used in France for decades, and it is no wonder they have stood the test of time with their practical and classy design. These cotton bags squish to almost nothing but are robust and long-lasting. A great gift to last, and one they’ll actually use! 

Taco Socks

Socks are a stocking staple - so why not gift ones with their favourite food on! Sure to make anyone smile who receives them, these colourful and fun taco socks are perfect for both adults and children. Now they can wear their favourite Mexican snack on their feet!

Tagliatelle Rolling Pin, 32cm

Who says you need a pasta machine to make homemade pasta? This tagliatelle rolling pin is perfect for Italian food lovers to get started on making their own homemade pasta. A simple yet ingenious gadget to achieve beautiful strips of fresh tagliatelle. 

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Piccolo Alpine Strawberry Seeds

Sowing season is just around the corner after Christmas, so offer some grow-your-own inspiration with a packet of Piccolo seeds. These seeds are designed to be grown in small spaces from a balcony, window sill or kitchen counter, so whatever your space, you can enjoy your own crops. As well as Alpine winter strawberries, mix and match with other unique fruits and veg from nano San-Marzano tomatoes to wildfire wasabi rocket. 

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Soy Sauce Bauble Tree Decoration

A beautiful food tree decoration is a stocking filler to delight and be treasured year after year to come. This soy sauce bauble celebrates this brilliant Asian ingredient to make your Christmas tree a foodie talking point. Or for Asian food lovers to hang in the kitchen year round. 

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Acacia Truffle Honey, 120g

We all know a truffle lover and this truffle honey is a small jar of indulgence they won’t be able to get enough of. A seamless blend of amber acacia honey and the rich umami flavours of truffle, this is a condiment to upgrade everything and anything. Drizzle over roasted vegetables, or combine with ricotta on crusty sourdough toast. 

Beaded Shrimp Earrings

These really are the most stunning gift for foodies this Christmas!  From ‘shrimply’ the best prawn earring for seafood lovers to charming cherries and classic cocktails - now your family and friends can wear their food favourites in style!

Small Sardines in Olive Oil, 120g

These sardines in olive oil are tapas in a tin! Perfect for savoury snack fans or Spanish food lovers, these salty sardines are packed with flavour. Perfect on their own or as part of a tapas feast. The colourful packaging makes them a wonderful gift.

Mix and match with other colourful seafood tins for a Tapas spread in your stocking

Halen Mon Pure Sea Salt in Watercolour Ceramic Jar, 100g

Halen Mon’s sea salt in a watercolour jar is a beautiful addition to the kitchen of any chef. It contains large crystals of Halen Mon’s Anglesey seasalt, a pure and rich seasalt perfect for both finishing and cooking with. Complete with a miniature wooden scoop, this is a beautiful and practical small gift that will be loved and reused by any cook. 


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