20 Christmas Cooking Gifts For Men

Are you looking for presents for the man in your life who loves cooking, eating, experimenting with new equipment and discovering unusual ingredients from around the world? The Sous Chef gift guide for food-loving men is a fantastic selection of presents for ‘him’. And there’s nothing to say women won’t love these gifts too!

For the man who loves a bit of heat

World Pepper Selection

If you thought that all pepper was the same, then this selection will make you think again. The peppers vary in taste, colour, and texture, helping to bring out different flavours in many different dishes. Just like grape vines, pepper plants vary, and are also affected by different soils, and climates. 

Mexican Chilli Selection

Discover the difference between the mild fruity-smokiness of ancho and the chocolatey warmth of guajillo, with this Mexican chilli selection. The varieties included register at both ends of the Scoville Scale of chill heat, with habanero delivering an almighty kick, and other bringing gentle warmth to dishes.

Owl Luxury Safety Matches

Owl luxury safety matches look like they’ve come straight out of a Victorian illustrated wildlife guide. Keep the vibrant matchbox on display to show off the artwork and keep the matches handy when you need them.

Complete Hot & Cold Smoking Set

All the kit you need to get started with hot and cold smoking - just add meat and coals! There are two main types of smoking: cold and hot. Cold smoking doesn't cook your food but it does bring beautiful flavours, and if smoked for long enough will also help preserve it. Use this cold smoke generator food smoker from ProQ to cold smoke a whole side of salmon, whole pork belly for bacon, cheese or nuts.

Super-sharp and stylish presents

Japanese Knife Trio

The stunning Japanese knife trio lets you tackle all the main tasks required for making authentic Japanese meals. The knives have a tsuchime, or ‘hammered’, finish. The dimples are not just beautiful; they also stop food from sticking to the sides of the knives.

Dutchdeluxes Leather BBQ Apron in Vintage Grey

The Dutchdeluxes leather BBQ apron in mustard  will make you feel super stylish while protecting your clothes when you’re at the grill. It keeps your clothes safe from ash, sparks and spitting fat whether you’re outside or in the kitchen.

Copper & Mango Wood Water Jug 1250ml

The copper & mango wood water jug effortlessly combines the aesthetics of industrial and natural design. The brushed copper jug comes with a polished lid made from mango wood. It’s not only a stunning kitchen and dining accessory – the copper jug helps to keep your water fresh, too. Pure copper is germicidal, which means it kills any harmful bacteria that might be in your water.

Give him something seriously tasty

Muzzi Traditional Panettone

For a seriously good slice of Italian panettone, you can’t beat the Muzzi Traditional Panettone. It’s delicious with a cup of tea of coffee for breakfast, or after dinner with a glass of marsala wine. Muzzi panettones are made with fresh eggs, delivered daily, along with carefully selected butter, milk and sugar. The panettones are made using a mother yeast that is carefully tended, and follow a traditional recipe that has been perfected over many years.

The Best of Spain Hamper

Lift the lid on the best of Spain hamper to be transported to a Spanish taberna. Enjoy classic tapas like the famous Perello Gordal olives as well as possibly the world’s best almonds, Marcona almonds. There are fine examples of popular Spanish ingredients like paprika and paella rice, along with rarer finds like Chardonnay vinegar from Catalonia. With the best of Spain hamper you’re sure to find plenty to satisfy your love of Spanish cuisine.

Metre Long Salami from Parma 1.5kg

This metre long salami is a type of cured sausage unique to Parma, in epic proportions! It makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves Italian flavours, and it makes a really fun centrepiece at parties. Plus it's one of the most delicious artisan salamis we've tried - it's certainly not just for a laugh!

Cookware that's built to last

Netherton Foundry Cast Iron Tagine with Copper Lid

Skeppshult "SPICE" Cast Iron Grinder

The Skeppshult cast iron spice grinder is a serious bit of kit that can grind down peppercorns, hard spices such as cloves, or dried seeds such as cumin and coriander. The grinder features two halves that sit comfortably in the hand, and have corresponding ‘teeth’. Simply tip in your spices, hold the two halves together and twist. Turn the grinder just a few times for a coarse grind, or keep twisting for a finer mill. 

Food DIY gifts for anyone who loves a project

Brooklyn Brew Shop BrewDog Punk IPA

The Brooklyn Brew Shop Brewdog Punk IPA kit lets you brew your very own batch of this famous ale at home – in only two weeks! USA meets UK in this partnership between American home-brew afficionados and Scottish craft beer rebels. The kit makes approximately 4 litres of Brewdog's flagship brew, Punk IPA - a very hoppy, deep amber coloured ale. 

Vinaigrier - Stoneware Vinegar Making Barrel

This stunning stoneware vinaigrier lets you make your own vinegar at home in as little as 4 weeks. Just add wine or cider, and to speed things up, a little vinegar with the 'mother'. In time, you’ll have a source of homemade vinegar on tap.

KitchenCraft Mexican Tortilla Press

Make your own Mexican tortillas! Place a ball of masa harina dough in the middle of the open press. Close the two halves, then press down on the handle to instantly make a perfectly thin and round tortilla. Use greaseproof paper on either side of the press to make it easier to remove the pressed tortillas.

Andalusia by José Pizarro

Fun alcohol and cocktail gift ideas

Bring these cocktail glasses out at your next party to impress your guests with your classic style. With an attractive ridge effect and elegant stems, these glasses are great for Champagne or a classic gin campari.

Mojito R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Kit

Freshen up your party with the ultimate mojito experience! Deconstruct your mojito into floating mint caviar and spectacular foams or encapsulate your favorite cocktail into a sphere that will explode in your mouth. Experience the unexpected with three easy molecular recipes that bring cutting-edge mixology into your home bar.

Black Sake Set

This stoneware Japanese sake set consists of one traditional, thin-necked flask (known as a ‘tokkuri’), and four small cups (known as ‘ochoko’). The handleless cups are the perfect size for enjoying Japan’s famous rice wine – and the wide rim allows diners to enjoy the full aromas of the sake as they drink it.

Pretty bottles make great stocking fillers

Medium Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Cactus Terracotta Bottle 500ml

This medium fruity extra virgin olive oil in a cactus terracotta bottle brings the tastes of southern Italy to your kitchen, along with a handcrafted piece of Apulian art. The rainbow-striped cactus painted on the bottle evokes the hot, sunny climate of the Mediterranean.

Visit our Sous Chef gift homepage for more gifts for chefs and cooks. Or, read more Christmas gift guides here.


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