Christmas Cooking Gifts For Her

What should you buy the woman who loves cooking, eating, trying new kitchen gadgets and discovering new flavours? The Sous Chef gift guide for food-loving women is a fantastic selection of presents for ‘her’. And no doubt lots of men would love to receive a few of these as well!

Perhaps your mum would love to bake sourdough for the first time this year? We have the essential starter kit that she'll love! Or does your girlfriend make a mean bowl of ramen? She might like Sous Chef's iconic ramen bowl and recipe set. Spoil your wife, daughter or sister with our fantastic selection of gifts that suit every taste.

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Gifts for the woman who loves to bake

Mosser Glass Jade Milk Glass Cake Stand

The Mosser Glass cake stand in jade is an elegant way to display cakes, cupcakes and pastries. Each stand is one piece of glass – not a plate and stem stuck together – so you can be confident that your cake stand will last for years to come.

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Beautiful items for the kitchen and dining room

Copper & Mango Wood Water Jug, 1250ml

The copper & mango wood water jug effortlessly combines the aesthetics of industrial and natural design. The brushed copper jug comes with a polished lid made from mango wood. It’s not only a stunning kitchen and dining accessory – the copper jug helps to keep your water fresh, too. Pure copper is germicidal, which means it kills any harmful bacteria that might be in your water.

Japanese Ramen Bowl Set

The Japanese ramen bowl set is your shortcut to ramen mastery! The start to perfect ramen is a gorgeous ramen bowl to serve it in, and this set will certainly give you that. Each ramen bowl is imported from Japan, and carefully chosen with the perfect size and shape for ramen. They are dishwasher safe.

Peugeot Paris Natural Salt Mill, 22cm

The Peugeot Paris natural salt mill is a sophisticated accessory for any kitchen or dining table. The polished beech wood is comfortable to hold and the traditional design works in any environment.

Fun alcohol and cocktail gifts

Shinrin Sake Set

The shinrin sake set is a stunning gift for sake enthusiasts. The traditional flask and four sake cups are finished in a glossy, forest-green glaze with a stone-coloured base. The shinrin sake set comes in a black presentation box.

It's all about the flavour!

The Best of France Hamper

The best of France hamper is a veritable Tour de France, showcasing some of the finest brands of French foods and preserves. From Alsace to Provence, the Basque country to the border of Brittany - discover condiments, preserves and ingredients that celebrate the breadth of regional variety in French cuisine.

ProQ Complete Hot & Cold Smoking Set

All the kit you need to get started with hot and cold smoking - just add meat and coals! There are two main types of smoking: cold and hot. Cold smoking doesn't cook your food but it does bring beautiful flavours, and if smoked for long enough will also help preserve it. Use this cold smoke generator food smoker from ProQ to cold smoke a whole side of salmon, whole pork belly for bacon, cheese or nuts.

Brilliant gifts for anyone with a sweet tooth

Lakrids Liquorice

The Lakrids Gold liquorice is a beautiful bauble of premium liquorice, coated in white chocolate and dusted in sparkling gold.  This liquorice is lightly flavoured with raspberry, which brings a tartness that works extremely well with the aniseed flavours and sweet chocolate.

Super stylish gifts to brighten up your day

Filt String Bag in Red, White & Blue

Pop a Filt string bag in red, white & blue in your pocket or handbag and say no to plastic carrier bags. This compact cotton bag is finished in the red, white and blue of the French flag, giving you a touch of je ne sais quois wherever you are.

For the chef who has everything...

Vinaigrier - Stoneware Vinegar Making Barrel

This stunning stoneware vinaigrier lets you make your own vinegar at home in as little as 4 weeks. Just add wine or cider, and to speed things up, a little vinegar with the 'mother'. In time, you’ll have a source of homemade vinegar on tap.

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