Food Projects For The Easter Weekend

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the long weekend than with some delicious homemade food? There's no shortage of food-based projects to keep you busy over the holiday. From baking fresh bread to making your own pasta, learning the art of fermentation or creating some sweet treats, there's something for everyone. In this blog post, we'll explore some fun and tasty projects to try out this Easter weekend.

1. Perfect making your own ice cream

Pistachio ice cream is one of the Sous Chef community favourites. Read the pistachio ice cream recipe here, and then pick up some pistachio paste and ice cream stabiliser to give an even creamier mouthfeel. Or try using pomegranate molasses or tonka beans to flavour your custard.

Ice Cream Stabiliser & Improver, 100g

Imagine the best scoop of ice cream you’ve ever tasted... silky smooth and super creamy. With this secret ingredient, you can make it yourself! Our ice cream stabiliser is a magic blend of agar agar and natural thickeners, which delays large water crystals from forming as ice cream freezes. Perfect for creating luxuriously thick ice cream that scoops with ease. 

Read our article on how to make ice cream to learn more.

2. Hack Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles only need three ingredients - chocolate chips, cream and butter: add anything else to make them your own. Start with a large bag of high quality chocolate couverture, and then add a little of whatever you like to flavour them: rum, pistachio paste, rosewater, coconut flavouring, peppermint extract, chestnut honey. Finally roll in cocoa powder, nibbed pistachios, ground rose petals and more. See the recipe here: rose-infused chocolate truffles.

3. Try one of our cooking kits

DIY Easter Egg Kit

It wouldn't be Easter without an egg. And making your own chocolate Easter egg is a great kitchen project. Find everything you need in this DIY Easter egg kit. Decorate your eggs with swirls of chocolate, or dust with edible glitter. Then fill with fine Italian chocolate and hazelnut gianduja paste.

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Baking your first sourdough loaf is very easy, but takes time. First learn how to start, then 4-7 days for your starter to develop (the natural yeast to make it rise), and finally a day or so to bake. To start off you'll want an expert to guide you through. We love James Morton's Sourdough from Scratch. Then when ready to bake, a few banneton proving baskets and a lame blade to score the surface of the loaf. Or get your full bread making kit here.

Shop all of our cooking kits here

4. Learn the art of fermentation

You can easily preserve any vegetables with a jar, some water and salt. We have an excellent beginners guide to fermenting, where you can learn what fermentation is and follow a simple step-by-step guide on how to ferment at home from Pao Liu.
Or find out exactly what you need to start fermenting at home and get your supplies ready. If you're a more seasoned fermenter then you might be interested in how to choose the right fermentation pot. We also have a great recipe for sauerkraut and a complete guide on how to make your own kimchi.

You can browse our range of fermentation recipes on the bureau of taste. Or shop our range of fermentation and preservation products here.

5. Try a new cooking technique

Picnic season is coming and what better treat to pop in your pockets on a long walk than homemade jerky? More tender than anything you can buy in the shops, and flavoured exactly as you like, homemade is the best. Read our interview with Billy Franks jerky superstar Will Yates here, and our step-by-step guide to how to make jerky here. The one must have is the Excalibur Dehydrator - a favourite in professional kitchens.

Or smoke just about anything...

BBQ season is just starting and if pulled pork and smoky ribs are your thing, this is the year to excel at American BBQ. Read our guide to getting started with American BBQ. Or if you want a more gentle introduction, start off by using liquid smoke in rubs, marinades and sauces before cooking in a sous vide machine or the oven. Try the smoky oven pulled pork recipe here.  We also hear liquid smoke makes excellent vegan 'bacon'!

6. Eat Turkish Style Eggs For Breakfast

The rich red of tomato, chilli and peppers is the backdrop of Turkish food. Tomato paste sits side-by-side with Turkish pepper paste in dishes from salads to flat breads to stews giving a lingering umami richness. And this Turkish egg recipe certainly has that. The added punch of raw garlic, stirred through a rich creamy yoghurt topping may seem a little much for breakfast, but we think it makes the recipe even more special. See the recipe here.

Feeling Inspired? Browse our bureau of taste for more inspiration or shop our range of Easter products.

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