Wine Vinegar



Wine Vinegar

Wine vinegar, a derivative of fermented wine, is a versatile condiment that has been known to humans for thousands of years. It is created through a two-step process: first, wine undergoes alcoholic fermentation, converting sugars into alcohol. 

Then, acetic acid bacteria convert the alcohol into acetic acid, resulting in vinegar.

The type of wine used determines the flavour of the vinegar. Red wine vinegar is robust and full-bodied, while white wine vinegar is milder and more delicate. 

In Asian cuisine, rice wine vinegar gives a sweeter tang. Beyond colour, by selecting vinegar by the variety of grape it’s made from can really up your game in the kitchen: each grape will provide a subtly different flavour to complement a specific dish.

Wine vinegar is used in salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and pickles. In Mediterranean cuisines, it is seen in dishes like gazpacho, beurre blanc, and vinaigrettes.