Wild Mushrooms



Wild Mushrooms

Buy wild mushrooms to bring the flavours of the woodlands and forests into your kitchen with our exquisite choice.

Our wild mushrooms uk have been hand-picked at their best before being dried, so that you can eat premium edible wild mushrooms at home whatever the season. 

Buy the best wild mushrooms

Wild woodland morels are wonderful in risotto. Their earthy nutty flavour makes them the perfect choice for chicken and mushroom fricassee or to pair with truffles. 

  • Black trumpet mushrooms, also known as trompette mushrooms, have a distinctive note of blue cheese that’s perfect with pasta and in warm salads. 
  • Dried porcinis aren’t known as King of the Mushrooms for nothing! And our earthy wild porcini mushrooms are in the ‘porcini extra’ which means they are amongst the finest quality dried porcini mushrooms available. 
  • Known as ceps in France and penny buns in the UK, porcini mushrooms have an intensity of flavour perfect for eggs en cocotte and creamy sauces, or simply rehydrate and sautée them in butter with plenty of garlic to top a slice of toast. 
  • Add a punch of umami to soups and stews with wild porcini mushroom powder or rub it straight on meat or tofu before cooking. 

What’s the morel of the story? To eat more wild mushrooms, of course!