Tinned Mackerel



Tinned Mackerel

Tinned mackerel is a convenient pantry staple that can turn a slice of sourdough, a pan of mashed potato, or a bowl of pasta into a tasty treat of a supper. 

Mackerel, a fatty fish rich in omega-3, protein and vitamin D, is preserved by canning, ensuring a longer shelf life while retaining its nutritional value.

The canning process involves cleaning, filleting and boning the mackerel, then packing it in a tin along with a liquid, often brine, olive oil, or tomato sauce. 

This results in tender, flaky fish with a rich taste.

Tinned fish dates back over 200 years to France, when Napoleon wanted a reliable way to feed his armies without food spoilage. 

The practice quickly spread to Spain and Portugal, and those countries remain at the centre of the industry today.