Sumac is a burgundy spice made from the dried berries of the Rhus Coriara tree, sumac is a staple in Middle Eastern cooking. 

What does Sumac taste like?

Sumac spice brings tangy, citrussy flavours to za’atar, grilled fish, meat marinades, rice dishes and fattoush. Sumac powder has a fragrant sourness perfect for adding vibrancy to shakshuka and lahmacun flatbreads or for sprinkling over hummus. Try mixing it with oil and lemon for lively dressings or use it to make dry rubs for kebabs.

Does Sumac have other names?

Sumac is often spelled somaq or sumaq, though you may also see it written as sumach or sumak. 

It has a natural saltiness which makes it perfect for savoury dishes. On top of adding a sprinkling of extra flavour, sumac also provides colour and prettiness to plated dishes.