Sesame Seeds



Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are packed with flavour and incredibly versatile. 

Which sesame seeds are best?

  • White sesame seeds are the classic choice for burger bun tops and are delicious in an array of sweet and savoury dishes from sesame brittle and granola to spinach ohitashi, and sesame-crusted tuna or tofu. 
  • Black sesame seeds make for a striking garnish for dishes and are delicious scattered over noodle dishes or used as a crunchy coating for onigiri. Try black sesame seed paste to make fragrant ice cream or delicious Chinese dessert classic: black sesame soup. Or black sesame ice cream.
  • Black and white sesame seeds are wonderful mixed together to coat maki or to add to salmon tartare. And don’t forget to grab a bottle (or two!) of aromatic sesame oil for your store cupboard. A wonderfully nutty finishing oil for hot pots, bibimbap and bulgogi, our range of sesame oils include toasted, virgin, and black sesame oils

Open sesame on our exciting range of flavoured sesame seeds, from the pretty in pink ume roasted sesame seeds to sesame with yuzu, wasabi, and miso. Perfect for garnishing canapés or for adding vibrancy to rice dishes, we have plenty to inspire your creativity and your palates!