Furikake & Gomasio



Furikake & Gomasio

Furikake and gomasio are traditional Japanese condiments that you can shake over dishes to season and enhance flavour. Who doesn’t like a condiment that makes your food taste and look better? 

Furikake means to “sprinkle over” in Japanese. Traditionally made with dried fish and seaweed and sprinkled on top of rice, our range includes vegan furikake seasoning, including shiso and sesame with aosa seaweed and furikake nori perfect for onigari and tofu dishes.

How to use Gomasio and furikake?

Furikake is umami-rich with complex saltiness from the seaweed. It’s a perfect match for fish and seafood and to add extra oomph to noodles, salads and sushi.

Gomasio (also known as gomashio) is a combination of goma meaning sesame and shio which means salt. Nutty, salty and intensely savoury, gomasio is delicious sprinkled over rice, yakisoba, steamed vegetables, and salads. 

It also makes a moreish edging for cocktail glasses or to season roasted nuts with.