Dijon Mustard



Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is a versatile pantry staple that deserves a place in everybody’s kitchen. Hailing from the eponymous French city of Dijon, this smooth and tangy mustard is a key ingredient in French cuisine

Dijon mustard has a warming heat that adds a pleasing je ne sais quoi to a variety of dishes, from Croque Monsieur to classic vinaigrette and beárnais to Poulet à la Moutarde.

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Spread it in your sandwiches or stir it through your macaroni cheese. Use it in carrot râpées and celeriac rémoulade. 

Mix it with marmalade to glaze a ham or you can experiment with it in savoury ice cream. Dijon adds depth and acidity - perfect for balancing creamy sauces and rich meats. 

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