Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes

Bento boxes direct from Japan! Present your lunch beautifully – at home or on the go – with our range of Japanese bento boxes.

Serve traditional sushi feasts in our traditional Japanese bento boxes, with the classic black and red design. Or bring fun to lunchtime with our unusual bento boxes in the shape of Japanese characters – like our favourite samurai bento box. Use boiled egg moulds to turn eggs into cute animals for kids’ lunchboxes, or the heart maki roll maker for perfect heart-shaped sushi.

Read our guide to learn more about bento boxes or find out about our best bento box lunch.

Best Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids

Pack up lunch in a bento box that will make your little one smile, in one of our Japanese Bento boxes in a range of Geisha and Samurai characters in different colours. These neat stacked lunch boxes have three compartments so you can keep school lunch separated – or split out sweet and savoury snacks. Add a pair of travel chopsticks and a sachet of instant miso soup to complete your bento box.

Searching for ideas for lunch? Browse a huge range of Japanese ingredients here to complete your perfect bento meal.

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