Buy chopsticks online - browse our range of wooden chopsticks decorated with a variety of eye-catching patterns like flowers, dragons, birds and traditional Chinese scenes. Use extra-long cooking chopsticks for authentic preparation of Chinese and Japanese dishes. Travel chopsticks are essential if you take a bento lunch, while fans of Korean food should try traditional metal chopsticks. And don't forget chopstick rests to complete your authentic table setting.

Chopsticks in Presentation Boxes

Find our selection of Japanese chopsticks in presentation boxes, complete with ceramic rests decorated in traditional patterns. These smart sets make wonderful gifts, and are a neat way to keep your chopsticks tucked away safely when not using them. Or choose one of our travel sets of chopsticks that comes in a neat case that you can slip into your pocket.

How to Look After Your Chopsticks

Clean wooden chopsticks in warm soapy water. Do not put them in the dishwasher. Soak your wooden chopsticks in water for a maximum of 30 seconds, so they do not become over saturated with water. Wipe off any food using sponge and once clean, dry thoroughly using a clean cloth. Metal chopsticks can be kept under water for longer, so follow the same steps and dry thoroughly once clean.

Keep chopsticks in a separate compartment of the cutlery drawer, to prevent nicks and damage from other utensils.

Recipes to Try

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    How To Use Chopsticks

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