What is Italian Easter Colomba

Easter’s answer to Christmas panettone, colomba are made using natural sourdough fermentation methods to create light, soft, enriched dough. In Italy, colomba cakes are traditionally made in the shape of a dove to signify peace and the Holy Spirit. The sweet bread is classically flavoured with candied orange peel and dried fruit, then topped with sugar and almonds.

What’s the difference between colomba and panettone?

Although the recipe uses the same ingredients, and follows a similar method, there are some key differences between panettone and colomba. To qualify as a colomba, the cake must:

  • Have a glazed top with grains of sugar
  • Be scattered with almonds (at least 2% of the total ingredients list)
  • Be shaped like a dove

Serve your golden, buttery cake with an Italian espresso on Easter morning, or enjoy a slice with a mug of tea in the afternoon. Colomba is also fantastic with a glass of sweet dessert wine at the end of a meal.

Choose your Easter colomba cake

This unusual colomba from Fiasconaro is topped with Crema di Manna – a cream of honey, hazelnuts, almond and Sicilian ash sap cream. The extraordinary combination is perfect with white chocolate decorations and gianduja chocolate drops. It’s something a little different for your Easter table. 

Fiasconaro was founded in Castelbuono, Sicily in 1953 by Mario Fiasconaro. Mario started out as an ice-cream maker and pastry chef, and his first great masterpieces were mountains of profiteroles. His three sons, Fausto, Nicola and Martino, began learning the art of pastry when they were children, and have since taken on the family business.

Made to Muzzi’s traditional recipe​ using the finest fresh eggs, butter, milk and sugar, these classic colombas have been perfected over many years. Beautifully packaged and ready to gift.​

Muzzi has been baking since the 18th Century! They are based in the Umbrian town of Foligno. Back in 1795, the Muzzi ‘anisini’ (sugared anise seeds) were renowned among Italian nobility. Today, the company is best known for its pastry work and traditional celebration breads.

​Another delight from Muzzi, this colomba is flavoured with Italian lemon liqueur cream and topped with dark chocolate and lemon sugar. Tear off a slice and enjoy with a mug of Earl Grey tea.

Muzzi pride themselves on their attention-grabbing, stylish designs. The bright yellow and zebra packaging is a continuation of their Christmas ‘Animalier’ range, which also includes leopards, tigers and tropical birds.

A traditional colomba with distinct orange and almond flavours, comes in a beautiful tin designed with Faberge eggs. Enjoy the fantastic cake, then re-use the tin for your own bakes and cakes! The vanilla is from Mananara in Madagascar, and they use renowned Cervia salt from Italy. 

Their naturally leavened cakes and breads are made with the traditional sourdough process. Each yeasted cake takes 72 hours from beginning to end, which gives rise to their exquisite texture and rich flavour.

Topped with single origin chocolate, this regal colomba also has threads of rich chocolate cream running through the middle. It’s a real show-stopper to enjoy with friends and family.

The team of bakers at Loison are constantly looking for new and original flavour combinations to enhance traditional recipes. Try their candied pear filone for a twist on the classic Italian panfrutto.

A classic colomba, filled with Fiasconaro's famous pistachio spread and topped with whole pistachios and white chocolate icing. Sweet, nutty and fruity – this beautiful colomba is one to savour.

If you love the pistachio cream in this colomba, you can also buy whole jars. So you can spread it liberally on your own cakes, bakes, pancakes or simply onto toasted sourdough for a delicious start to the day.

Discover chocolate drops and candied pear scattered in a traditional colomba dough, then topped with white and milk chocolate crunchies. Comes wrapped in bright and cheerful yellow-green paper – perfect for an Easter gift!

The three Fiasconaro brothers are always working together to develop new recipes, and try new ideas. However, they stay loyal to the traditional techniques begun by their father over 70 years ago.


This limited edition Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana panettone is the perfect treat to enjoy over Easter. Made using a slow-leavened sourdough method, the panettone is packed with pieces of candied Sicilian lemon and orange peel, and flavoured with a hint of exotic Sicilian saffron.

Each tin is adorned with Dolce & Gabban’s vibrant designs, which makes this a fabulous Easter gift for friends and family.

Browse all our Italian ingredients here or read more about colomba’s cousin, the Christmas panettone, here.


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