Carolina Reaper Vodka Recipe

The Carolina reaper is currently the hottest chilli in the world. Clocking in at a formidable 2,200,000 on the Scoville scale, we recommend approaching this chilli with extreme caution! And preferably in a biohazard suit.

This vodka makes a fantastic Christmas gift. But warn the recipient not to try drinking shots… it is for sipping only!

This is an extract from The Big Chilli Advent Calendar 2017

Ingredients Serves: 20


  1. Holding 1 Carolina reaper chilli with gloves, using scissors, make a cut from tip to stem, leaving the stem end intact.
  2. Submerge in 500ml vodka. Leave for 2 hours and dispose of the chilli.
  3. Sip slowly or make a ‘liquid fire’ Bloody Mary – just add tomato juice, a pinch of celery salt and a splash or Worcestershire sauce.
  4. If you leave the chilli in much longer, the fearsomely hot chilli vodka could be used in cooking. For example, to add a splash of heat to a chilli con carne, or to give a cocktail a boost. Take care!
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