The Best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

Treat the baker in your life with one of these thoughtful, imaginative, and incredibly useful pieces of baking kit or ingredients. We’ve handpicked the best gifts for bakers, including our favourite sourdough book, a few exciting flavours, and professional patisserie equipment.

Here are 14 gifts for people who love to make bread, cakes and beautiful patisserie creations.

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1. Gifts for the patisserie pro

De Buyer Professional Stainless Steel Piping Nozzle Set

The De Buyer professional stainless-steel piping nozzle set is a comprehensive assortment of piping nozzles, guaranteed to excite any professional or amateur pastry chef. They can be used to pipe choux pastry, buttercream, icing or meringues. The set contains 35 nozzles.

De Buyer Kwik Pro Piston Funnel with Stand

The De Buyer Kwik Pro piston funnel with stand lets you dispense precise amounts of cake batter, sauce or glaze quickly and easily – and with less mess. It’s fantastic for anyone who wants to take cake-decorating to the next level. Simply press the lever on top of the funnel with your thumb to dispense a controlled stream into moulds, onto cakes or into glasses. The flow stops as soon as you release the lever to minimise drips.

2. Presents for expert presentation

Mosser Glass Aubergine Milk Glass Cake Stand 10"

The Mosser Glass cake stand in aubergine is a stunning, deeply coloured backdrop for cakes, cupcakes and pastries. Each stand is one piece of glass – not a plate and stem stuck together – so you can be confident that your cake stand will last for years to come. It’s the perfect thing to show off lovingly made bakes and cakes.

Mosser Glass Cake Dome

And why not pair a Mosser Glass cake dome with the Mosser Glass cake stand, for a really special gift. The Mosser Glass cake domes have straighter sides than traditional domes. This means you don’t lose any space towards the top of the dome where the sides might curve in – and that means no squashed edges! The glass cake dome has a large, easy to grasp handle.

3. Beautiful bakeware for the kitchen

Set of 4 De Buyer Iron Canele Bordelais Moulds

This set of four De Buyer iron canelé Bordelais moulds are for making properly caramelised traditional canelés – little vanilla custard pastries from Bordeaux. The iron quickly reaches high temperatures, which is exactly what bakers want, to get the right level of caramelisation on the outside of the pastry. Plus they’re beautiful to look at!

Springerle & Speculaas Biscuit Roller

This stunning pear wood springerle & speculaas biscuit roller is the traditional tool for making traditional German and Dutch biscuits. The roller features 12 different designs of birds, flowers, berries, squirrels and prestigious buildings - perfect for homemade Christmas gifts.

De Buyer Copper Beating Bowl

One for any baker who is serious about meringues – De Buyer copper beating bowls are what professional patissiers use to get their egg whites perfectly glossy. Scientific studies have shown that the way copper atoms interact with the proteins in egg whites mean that egg whites whipped in copper vessels firm up faster and even stay whiter – and meringues are almost guaranteed to stay firm and glossy.

3. Unusual flavours for the adventurous baker

Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste, 180g

This beautiful Sicilian pistachio paste is an ultra-smooth paste made from 100% Sicilian pistachios – no added sugar, and no bits! It has an intense green hue and is an instant luxurious addition to any custard, ice-cream or ganache. Also called pistachio nut butter, this paste is one of the best – we sampled tens of different pistachio pastes before choosing this one! 


Feuilletine flakes are brittle crispy pieces of caramelized crepe batter, with lovely praline flavours. Feuilletine flakes are used in professional pâtisserie for their delicious sweet flavour and light, crispy texture. Mix feuilletine flakes into ganache and mousses, or use in layered cakes. A classic use is to mix the feuilletine with a blend of hazelnut paste or almond & hazelnut praline and melted chocolate couverture to form the base of a chocolate mousse cake. 

4. The best gift for bread bakers

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is one of the best known names in breadmaking. And his book How To Make Sourdough takes you on a journey from mixing your first sourdough starter through to becoming a sourdough expert. In this sourdough making kit we’ve packaged it together with some key bread making tools: a scoring blade for the perfect cut and a beautifully risen loaf, a cane banneton to make your loaf beautiful, and a dough scraper. A great gift for anyone starting out on their sourdough adventure.

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