Ankarsrum Mixer

Ankarsrum are America Test Kitchen's choice for best stand mixer. And we agree. Made in Sweden, they are excellent quality and a joy to use. Learn more



Ankarsrum Mixer

Based in Sweden, Ankarsrum have been producing robust, versatile stand mixers since 1940. The Assistent Original Stand Mixer looks much the same as it did then, but with some smart new functions and updates that make cooking even easier and more enjoyable.

Why choose an Ankarsrum mixer?

  • The bowl rotates, as well as the mixing arm. Just like a baker, gently working with two hands.
  • It's so quiet you can listen to the radio whilst it works hard. And race upstairs for a quick shower, knowing the timer will stop it before there's any risk of over-kneading the bread.
  • Hosting for a party? No problem. Make up to 5kg of your best ever bagel or cinnamon bun recipe... in one go!

And if you're concerned that most electrical equipment no longer lasts like it should... the 7 year guarantee can put your mind to rest.

Should I choose Ankarsrum or Kitchenaid?

Ankarsrum and Kitchenaid are very different mixers. Ankarsrum mixers are manufactured in Sweden. Kitchenaid mixers are manufactured in Ohio USA. 

Ultimately it depends on your budget, how frequently you bake, and in what quantities. If budget isn't a question, we'd certainly recommend Ankarsrum as it outperforms Kitchenaid mixers in many key areas. However, Kitchenaid is also a good brand. 

These are the areas we considered when assessing both brands: 

  • Mixing action: In Kitchenaid mixers, only the dough hook or beating paddle rotates. With Ankarsrum, the bowl also rotates - so the action is more powerful and can handle larger quantities of dough, but it's more like a baker's hand. You can reach into an Ankarsrum bowl whilst it kneads dough. However, you should never reach into a Kitchenaid mixing bowl during mixing.
  • Timer: Ankarsrum mixers have a countdown timer, so you can set how long to knead or beat for. Kitchenaid mixers need to be turned off manually. 
  • Dough capacity: Domestic Kitchenaid mixers (up to around 4.8 litre bowl) can mix up to 1kg flour (or 1.5kg dough). Ankarsrum mixers can mix up to 5kg dough - several times the capacity of a Kitchenaid mixers. 
  • Guarantee: Kitchenaid guarantees are between 1 and 5 years for the stand mixers. Ankarsrum mixers have a 7 year guarantee. 

This Swedish-made mixer has also been voted "America's Test Kichen" stand mixer of the year.

It's the piece of kitchenware to bring you joy every single day.