5 Food Projects For The Bank Holiday Weekend

Our top five food project ideas are here to inspire you to cook something amazing this bank holiday weekend.

Whether you want to burn some coals for American BBQ, make your own sparkling wine or cheese, grow Japanese shiso leaf or cook a Korean feast, you'll find all the inspiration and kit you need.

ProQ Frontier Elite 3in1 BBQ Smoker

1. Cook 'low n slow' 

Bring the American Deep South to your garden this summer with American BBQ, like ProQ. The classics are pulled pork shoulder, ribs and beef brisket. Cook ‘low ‘n’ slow’ on your ProQ Frontier Elite 3in1 BBQ smoker – anywhere from 4 to 24 hours of cooking over a low heat, in a smoke-filled chamber.

Tempt neighbours with aromatic hickory and oak. It’s a style of cooking that makes tough cuts delicious and is brilliant for sharing with family and friends.

If you would like to embark on your own American BBQ journey or find our what size smoker you need, check out our Top 10 Expert Tips for American BBQ and What Size of Smoker Do I Need? to help you get started.

2. Brew your own beer

With Brooklyn Brew Shop's beer making kits, it’s never been easier to turn your kitchen into a brewery for the day. For an easy-drinking beer on its own and with food, try the Everyday IPA Kit. Or get with the craft beer revolution and try the Brewdog Punk IPA kit.


The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit, 920g

3. Make cheese

Homemade halloumi, you say? Our customer favourite, The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit, is a great bank holiday project for cheese fanatics. You can make your own mozzarella, paneer and five other cheeses.

4. Grow something instead of going to the shops

There’s no need to spend hours hunting down that hard-to-find herb or vegetable again with these cute and colourful seeds from Piccolo. We 24+ varieties available! 

Korean Ingredients Set

5. Cook a Korean feast

Try one of our favourite ways to entertain friends: cooking a Korean feast. Make plenty of small dishes: hot-sour kimchi, soy-seasoned vegetables pungent with raw garlic and sesame oil, sweet and fiery gochujang sauce for quick-fried beef or tofu and lettuce wraps.

You can cater for meat eaters and vegans alike (just make sure you make your kimchi is made with soy sauce and miso paste instead of fish sauce). Korean food is thrilling to explore.

And the easiest way to get started is with this Authentic Korean Cooking Kit, pairing all the Korean ingredients you need to get started, along with a great Korean cookbook.


Photo credits:

Ribs by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Beer by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Chillies by Jeppe Vadgaard on Unsplash


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