ProQ Frontier Elite 3in1 BBQ Smoker


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SKU: MB0014
Size: 102cm x 43cm
Cuisine: USA
Technique: Smoking
Also known as: Hot smoker
Recipe Ideas: Hot Smoking: What Do I need for American BBQ?, 10 Top Tips from The Experts for American BBQ


The ProQ Frontier has been updated with even more features to make the ProQ Frontier Elite 3in1 BBQ Smoker!

The ProQ Frontier Elite is the best way to get hot smoky American BBQ flavours by hot-smoking everything from brisket to ribs, pulled pork, or even a Thanksgiving turkey. The ProQ Frontier Elite is perfect for serving up to 12 people - although with judicious attention to timings, we've catered a "ribs and margharitas" party for 20 with it!

New features in the ProQ Frontier Elite

  • Thick porcelain coated 1mm steel walls for consistent temperature control
  • Silicon probe thermometer eyelets fitted at each cooking level, to fit different sizes of probe thermometer
  • The side handles are PVC coated for a cooler touch, making it easy to move and carry
  • Stainless steel replaces the chrome plated grilling grates, handles screws and fittings
Plus of course all the best features of the original ProQ Frontier
  • Stainless steel grills, doors, handles and bolts
  • High heat silicone temperature probe eyelets at each cooking level, making them easy to use with most BBQ thermometers
  • "Cool touch" side handles
  • Includes 5 fish & meat hangers
  • Includes a 1-piece charcoal basket
  • 2 doors for easy access to top up charcoal or smoking chips
  • 3 air vents in the base for great temperature control

14kg net weight. Assembled dimensions 102cm x 43cm diameter. Grill diameter 40cm.

The ProQ Frontier Elite Smoker has several different compartments – the hot coals at the bottom heat the smoker. The water container in the middle helps to create a little moisture, and keep the heat balanced. And then there are two different cooking levels, for the meat to cook "low-and-slow". It’s a method of cooking which keep the meat moist, and infuses it with smoky flavours - from any type of wood chip you throw on the coals.

Not only is the ProQ Frontier Elite perfect for cooking "low 'n' slow", but you can also 'grill' - removing the two middle sections and cooking without a lid; 'roast', cooking on all two levels but at a higher temperature; and even use the Frontier Elite as a chamber for cold smoking, with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (sold separately). In Summer, you'll be slow-cooking ribs, pork butt and beef brisket or quick searing shrimp kebabs on the grill; and then in Winter, you can cold smoke a side of salmon for Boxing day. 

The ProQ Frontier Elite is well made and easy to use. Each compartment clips together, providing great stability, and making it easy to move. There is a temperature gauge at the top, four air vents, and eyelets at each level for maximum control throughout the cooking process. With a 50lb cooking capacity, it’s also a great way of catering for big numbers – or cooking several different cuts at once.

Use the smoker with our hot smoking wood chip selection with six varieties of woodchips, or individual hickorybeech or oak wood chips. Its bigger brother The ProQ Excel Elite is also available. 

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