Japanese Ramen Ingredients Set

Japanese Ramen Ingredients Set


The ramen ingredients set is a must-have for any Japanese ramen fan. We've hand-picked some authentic Japanese ingredients so you can make your best homemade ramen yet.

The full-colour ramen recipe booklet gives you a brief introduction to Japanese ramen. You'll have all the recipes at your fingertips to become a ramen expert at home! You'll read about:
  • A brief introduction to different types of ramen
  • A guide to making your own ramen noodles
  • Four different ramen recipes - including miso ramen, clam shio ramen and a spicy vegetable ramen, which is great for vegans 
  • Mix-and-match recipes for broths, flavours and toppings to perfect your own unique ramen-making style

In your ramen ingredients set you'll find:

  • Pure Sesame Oil - drizzle over ramen just before serving for an intense nutty flavour with a hint of sweetness
  • Hinode Ryorishu Cooking Sake - infuse subtle, sweet rice wine flavours into broths and sauces
  • Black Garlic Cloves - mellow, sweet garlic flavour with balsamic notes. Crush into a paste for marinades or blend into sauces.
  • Toasted White Sesame Seeds 150g - simply scatter over a bowl of ramen to add a texture, or grind with coarse salt to make a nutty seasoning
  • Asian Sesame Paste - dissolve in hot ramen broth for a creamier texture and nutty sesame flavour
  • Shichimi Togarashi Spice Mix - shake straight over your ramen for a kick of heat, or make a hot sesame chilli oil
  • Japanese Mirin - add sweetness to broths, sauces and marinades. It helps to mellow out intensely salty flavours like soy, miso and katsuobushi.
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce 1l - absolutely essential ramen making ingredient! Use to season broths and to make a lip-smacking chashu marinade for pork, chicken and eggs. 
  • Red Miso Paste 400g - add umami depth to vegetarian broths
  • Silken Tofu - Firm - excellent for balancing out spicy broths & seasonings, as well being ideal in a vegan ramen
  • Katsuo Bushi Bonito Flakes - blend with sea salt to make katsuobushi salt, an umami flavour-bomb of a seasoning

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