La Rochere Absinthe Glass


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Origin: France
SKU: IC0021
Size: 250ml, 16cm
Cuisine: France


Use the La Rochere absinthe glass to enjoy this iconic drink of 19th century France.

For a traditional Belle Epoque absinthe ritual, use the glass with the La Rochere absinthe spoon. Pour approximately 30ml of absinthe into the glass, or until it reaches the top of the deep ridge at the top of the stem. Then carefully put the spoon across the top of the glass and place a single sugar cube on it.

Take some iced water and drip or pour the water over the sugar cube as slowly as you can. Stop when the sugar cube is saturated, and wait for it to dissolve into the glass below. Once all the sugar is gone, carefully top up the glass with more iced water – the ratio is generally 3 parts water to 1 part absinthe, but you can use the fluted markings on the glass as a guide. When the drink reaches the top of the fluting use the spoon to swirl it once or twice until it is uniformly cloudy. Then your traditional absinthe au sucre is ready to drink!

The trick to the Belle Epoque ritual is pouring the iced water slowly. This is said to release the full complex flavours and aromas from the absinthe. You should never add ice into the actual drink – ‘absinthe professors’ from the drink’s heyday would look on this as a terrible faux pas!

The Belle Epoque was a period from approximately 1871 to 1914 in Western Europe. It was characterised by a great explosion in the arts and literature. French artists of the Art Nouveau movement would often cite absinthe as a muse, and its regular appearance in artwork of the time cemented the drink’s popularity.

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