Carafes & Decanters



Carafes & Decanters

Want to buy a beautiful carafe or decanter? Look no further! Practical and stylish, our stunning selection also includes jugs, pitchers and bottles that will add a splash of glamour to your table or drinks trolley.

Splatter jugs from Puglia make ideal water jugs or why not serve Italian spritzes in them?  If a wine carafe is more your style, you can choose from simple and elegant clear or amber glass or make a statement with a whimsical centrepiece that’s sure to break the ice even before any wine starts flowing. 

A wine decanter is a must for wine lovers. Perfect for quick aeration and for removing sediment, our lidded options are also ideal for use as a whiskey decanter.

Choose a recycled glass water carafe for its eco-credentials and attractive aqua tint. Wow friends and family with our range of ceramic and stoneware pitchers which also double up as vibrant vases for cut flowers. 

You can serve fruit juice from a pineapple jug or wine from a grape pitcher! There really is  something for everyone, from elegant dapple glazes to quirky and modern designs. Perfect for gifting or keeping all for yourself.