White Pepper



White Pepper

White pepper, derived from the same peppercorn plant as black pepper, undergoes a unique processing method that sets it apart. The ripened berries are soaked in water to remove the outer skin, leaving behind the inner seeds – the white peppercorns. 

This process results in a milder, subtler flavour compared to its black counterpart.

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White pepper has a pungent, slightly earthy taste with a gentle heat that gradually builds. It is a versatile spice used in a wide range of dishes, especially those where a more delicate pepper flavour is desired; either as whole peppercorns or ground white pepper. 

White pepper powder is popular in light-coloured sauces, mashed potatoes, and soups, as it won't give the dish a speckled look.

White Sarawak pepper and white Penja pepper are particular varieties of white pepper with PGI (protected geographical indication) status; Sarawak pepper must be produced in Borneo, while Penja pepper must come from Cameroon. 

Sarawak is a milder pepper that’s ideal for Malaysian curries, while Penja pepper has menthol notes and a musky flavour that pairs well with red meat.