Toor Dal & Mung Dal



Toor Dal & Mung Dal

Toor dal and mung dal are both popular varieties of lentils used in the cuisine of South Asia and beyond.

Toor dal, also known as arhar or pigeon pea, is a pale yellow lentil with a mild, nutty taste. It is a staple in Indian cooking, particularly in regions like the South, where it is featured in numerous dishes like sambar, a tangy lentil stew, and various forms of dal

Toor dal is rich in proteins, fibre, and essential nutrients.

Mung dal, or moong dal, are yellow split pea lentils that are similar to Toor Dal in appearance and flavour, but quicker cooking due to their smaller size. 

They derive from green mung beans which have been skinned and split, revealing a smaller yellow lentil inside.  It has a slightly sweet and earthy flavour. 

Mung dal can be used to make sambhar and tarka dal

Green mung beans themselves also have many uses in curries, and also can be used to make pesarattu dosa, as well as being added to casseroles and stews.