Ponzu Sauce



Ponzu Sauce

Intensely umami and fragrant, ponzu sauce is perfect for dunking dim sum, tempura, grilled meats and sashimi. Or why not add a few splashes to oil to make a vibrant salad dressing?

What is ponzu sauce?

Tangy and savoury, ponzu is a classic and versatile Japanese condiment with a complex and dynamic taste. 

Typically made from:

  •  soy sauce, 
  • citrus juice (commonly yuzu, though other citruses like lemon and lime are often used), 
  • vinegar, 
  • mirin (a sweet rice wine), 
  • and sometimes dashi (a Japanese stock),

Ponzu sauce has the perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour, and umami notes.

A fantastic flavour enhancer, use it for marinating chicken, tofu or salmon, or to glaze vegetables. Ponzu is also fantastic added to stir fries, noodle salads or even ceviche.