Pistachio Paste



Pistachio Paste

Pistachio paste is a luxurious and delicious ingredient made from ground pistachio nuts, renowned for its rich, nutty flavour, creamy texture, and vibrant green colour. 

Pistachio paste is often used in baking, adding a burst of pistachio flavour and a natural green hue to pastries, cakes, or biscuits

It's a key ingredient in classic European desserts like pistachio macarons and canelés. 

The paste is also used to enhance the texture and flavour of ice creams, gelato, and mousses, where the nuttiness of the pistachios is rounded out beautifully with sweetness. 

It’s also available as a pre-mixed sweetened pistachio spread that can be slathered onto panettone, toast, or just eaten straight from the jar!

In savoury cooking, unsweetened pistachio paste, or pistachio butter, can be whisked into dressings and pesto, or used as a pizza topping, or as a base for spreads and dips.