Loison Panettone and Colomba

Loison is synonymous with luxury panettone and colomba. This much loved brand has been baking panettones for over 75 years, started by Tranquillo Loisin in 1838. And today his grandson, Dario cares for the business.

For Loisin’s ‘top line’ panettones, all the ingredients are carefully selected by Dario: the freshest eggs, butter and cream from Italy’s mountain farms, and fine Italian flours and sugar. The panettones are made with the traditional sourdough process. Each yeasted cake takes 72 hours from beginning to end. This gentle proving gives rise to the panettone’s exquisite texture and rich flavour.

Our Loisin Easter 2022 Range

We’ve hand selected some of the most beautiful Loisin colomba for Easter 2022. Buy online and enjoy delivery to your door, fast, whether it’s a tasty treat for yourself or a Easter gift. 

This year, enjoy two new Loison products: the Classic colomba in a beautifully updated tin design, plus the new flavour Piemonte & Peach. 

Why we Love Loisin Panettone

A slice of Loison panettone is one of our favourite Christmas treats. Their innovative flavour combinations always introduce something new, and this year we're excited about the Matcha & Pistachio combination. Or try the salted caramel panettone which is rich with dark caramel cream and studded with chocolate drops. A fantastic Christmas gift.


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