Jasmine & Green Tea



Jasmine & Green Tea

Green tea is made from unoxidized tea leaves, which preserves the natural colour, flavour, and antioxidants of the plant. 

The flavour of green tea ranges from earthy and vegetal to subtly sweet, depending on the specific type and processing methods.

Matcha green tea is made from shade-grown tea leaves, which are finely ground into a brilliant green powder, offering a concentrated flavour compared to infused green tea. 

Matcha is an integral part of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. 

Its earthy, slightly sweet flavour and vivid green colour make it a versatile ingredient, from lattes and smoothies to patisserie and savoury dishes.

Jasmine green tea, on the other hand, is a fragrant and aromatic tea infused with the scent of jasmine blossoms. 

It is typically made by layering freshly plucked green tea leaves with jasmine flowers, allowing the tea to absorb the floral aroma. 

The flowers are then removed, leaving behind a beautifully perfumed tea with a balanced blend of floral and green tea notes.